Keoni CBD Relief Roll-On

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Apply Keoni Joint & Muscle Relief & Recover Roll-On Gel without the mess with our innovative Roll-On! When sore muscles creep up on you at work, you no longer need to get your hands covered to apply! Our unique design allows you to effortlessly roll the product directly onto the problem area and get back to your day!

500mg Pure CBD
Mess-Free Application
Innovative Roll-On Applicator
Spill-Proof Cap
Hydrating Formula
Compact Travel-Size


Keoni’s CBD Relief Roll-On Gel combines the cooling pain relief of natural menthol with 100 mg of CBD per container. Perfect for those who are always on the go. Simply apply our relieving application to sore or injured areas of skin and muscles. Relief is more convenient than ever as our roll-on gel format makes it easy to apply in a pinch.

  • Packed with 100mg of pure CBD along with other refreshing ingredients to help relieve sore muscles.
  • This extra-strong formula leaves you with a cool, refreshing feeling that provides instant and long-lasting relief.
  • Our unique roll-on applicator ensures mess-free use every time. The powerful cooling sensation is not something you want in your eyes. Mess-free is the way to be!
  • Stores easily, and is perfect for travel. If you’re on the go, this is a must for CBD topical lovers!

Why You Should Use Keoni 100mg CBD Roll-On Gel

Designed for everyday use, Keoni’s CBD Relief Roll-On is well suited for those who like to stay active like athletes, hikers, and trade workers who suffer from sore muscles and achy joints daily.

Easily apply, feel the gentle cooling effect, and keep moving. Experience Keoni CBD.

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimonials for
Keoni 100mg CBD Roll-On Gel
No Mess, No Pain

I’m constantly traveling for business. Let me tell you, from planes, taxis and cheap hotel rooms, my body takes a toll each trip. Keoni’s awesome roll-on applicator is a life saver! I wake up and apply it to my neck, lower back, and knees and I notice relief that lasts all day!

Brett Lewis, Arizona
I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without It!

I love hiking with the girls! We live near a National Park and I look forward to our beautiful hikes every Saturday morning. At my age, my knees aren’t what they used to be and sometimes I can slow the girls down. Now that I have Keoni, if my knees start to ache, I simply roll on my cream and I’m back to leading the way. Thank you Keoni!

Martha Aldridge, Utah
Keoni helps me when I need it most.

I’ve worked for the union for over 25 years. Safety is our number 1 concern, but the hard work has taken a toll on my back. I bring my roller with me every day and apply it when my back starts to ache. It’s easy to use and it helps me get the job done.

Russ Newman, North Dakota


Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Boswellia Serrata Extract, PCR Hemp Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate,

Lab Sheets

cbd roll on 100mg coa


Directions: Apply to the affected area as needed. Natural active ingredients may discolor over time.

115 reviews for Keoni CBD Relief Roll-On

  1. Paul L

    Great for sore muscles, I’m lost without it now! Smells so yummy too

  2. Burger

    LOVE that it is in a much larger roller – easier to use when you have a large area to treat.

  3. Andreas Luu

    This roll on is not what I’m looking for my elbow pain

  4. Philip K

    I am suffering from some tendinitis in my elbow – applied this product and got almost instant relief.

  5. Morath D

    I use this pain remedy for my sciatica and post shoulder surgery. It eases my pain and allows me to carry on with my day.

  6. Leo S

    I do use it on aches and pains too! Love, love, love this product!

  7. Renner Q

    have a neck injury, I roll on the Keoni onto that knot there and I feel almost instant relief

  8. Benjamin X

    This is my third purchase, I love it – it works for my needs

  9. Mayer F

    I thought this roll on would be stronger than the one I used before. Might not buy again

  10. Philipp R

    We use it for pain anywhere on the body, with in minutes the pain is less or gone!

  11. Leitner 2222

    love this roll on

  12. Hannes V

    We use it for pain anywhere on the body, with in minutes the pain is less or gone! We just love it ❤️

  13. Schmuck L

    I have to say that after a long time trying other brands, Keoni is really helping me with the recovery of my right foot.

  14. Marvin A

    I get pain in my feet hips or hands joints and a little dab goes along way to keep pain away. Great scent

  15. Oskar R

    I guess I might look for other brand. It works but too light. My pain need strong therapy

  16. Lang D

    I use this item on my wrists where I feel the most pain at the moment. It helps with the carpal tunnel.

  17. Julia U

    This product works well when something hurts. Just roll it on and the pain subsides.

  18. Albert J

    Works on my sore neck

  19. Nico 7264

    Shipping took forever. I contacted them and they told the package was lost. So they re-send me a new order. Quite satisfied with what they did

  20. Luisa D

    It works the smell is a bit to get used yo

  21. Alexandra M

    This is much more effective than the cream pain topical that I previously purchased.

  22. Thomase

    Bought this for my mom who has arthritis in her fingers. She has always been skeptical of more natural products helping her aches and pains. She used this and was amazed herself with the relief she felt in her hands

  23. Lisa Mona

    This product works well for sore muscles and aches in my hands

  24. Kandel R

    If you have an ache that needs tending to on the go-this is the stuff! Smells great, works great and is super easy to use. Love it!

  25. Hudson R

    My son’s always talking about this amazing product and recommending it to others. So glad I was able to find something for him that actually works!

  26. Chan Chan

    Sorry this product have effect but not treat at all. It smelled nice

  27. Khoren D

    Could not say anything bad about it! It works,does the job , super efficient!

  28. Hannah

    My husband and I use our pain roller every evening before bed. It soothes achy muscles in minutes and find there is no need for any over the counter pain meds now.

  29. Taylor 5

    Easy to use, no smelly hands, works fast and smells good.

  30. Marco Y

    I ordered 5 days ago but still not receive it. The customer service told it’s shipping. Nothing I can do except waiting

  31. Lorenz Duong

    I ordered this based on a friend’s recommendation. It works great for neck and muscle pain. I’ve just bought a second one!

  32. Richardson

    I use this every night at bed time on my neck and shoulder area. It eases tension and the soothing aroma induces sleep for me. I love it.

  33. Lena U

    Headache and sour muscles are gone. Will buy again

  34. Kassarjian M

    Keep one at work when my neck gets tired from hunching over my laptop

  35. Fleischman H

    It is not quite the same as using icy hot or ice and a heating bad but fire on the go and through the day there is good relief.

  36. Robinson Ngo

    I use it everyday. This the remedy

  37. Tony D

    I bought this today thinking it would work wonders wonder like product I used and it doesn’t

  38. Lilly F

    I love this product, best pain reliever I have used on my arthritis pain, especially knee pain.

  39. Mardoun E

    It works so well by calming your achy shoulders, neck, knees or wherever you need pain relief. It smells amazing and is a staple in our hous

  40. Frederick

    First time I’ve purchased this product and I am happy with it so far.

  41. Mayr G

    This product works well. Roll this product on to keep away the pain.

  42. Michel K

    The pain reliever roll on is very effective

  43. Andreas L

    My package seem not properly wrapping. I still give a trial and have to say it works.

  44. Fabian Z

    Not the best, but not the worst

  45. K. Hall

    It is really effective on my lower back pain.

  46. Colyn M

    I used this product on shoulder and neck pain that nothing else had helped. Within 5 minutes the pain was gone

  47. Harold

    Have tried CBD roll on for persistent shoulder pain. After a month of every day use the pain is not just better but gone

  48. Natanian

    For any aches and pains this product is a godsend

  49. Baben 22

    The cooling sensation and the smell helps me to relax. Recommend this products to everyone

  50. Amanda Truong

    My pain is really bad while waiting this roll shipped to me. Wish the shipping time is faster

  51. Corey M

    I cannot even think about not having this product , when I am sore and stiff from ,y arthritis it gets me moving in the morning, and settles me at night so I can sleep

  52. Burscogh E

    Living with chronic pain…this helps tremendously those extra tough days! I’ve recommended for anyone I know who has pain.

  53. Amie Y

    Compared to other Keoni pain cream or gel, I have to say sorry to this roll on

  54. Ekizian Melo

    I love the smell and find it helps me breathe deeper as I’m falling asleep. I love this product.

  55. Ashton D

    This is a Christmas stocking gift for my daughter and partner. They loved it

  56. Anghus R

    I reach for this, so good to bring relief to sore muscles. Not only does it work but also smells great.

  57. Elias A

    You can buy same roll on for cheaper price. $45 is not worth, but still it works

  58. Robert Lampert

    Offers relief for my pain. Very happy. Will order again.

  59. Zohrag B


  60. Cook T

    My favourite Keoni product. This helps all my aches and pains feel so much better .

  61. Leopold B

    It does not help much with my arthritis or muscle pain

  62. Jenkyn L

    My grandmother is 84 years old and her caregivers apply this to her back before bedtime and it brings her great relief to her osteoarthritis

  63. Walker Ino

    This product has the perfect amount of cooling relief mixed in with the great soothing affect CBD is known to do.

  64. Zornakyan A

    Any joints on my body that are sore I use this roll on. Can’t say anything negative about the roll on!!

  65. Maximiliano X

    Working from home, starring at the computer all day, it’s nice to use the extra strength roll on for neck pain relief.

  66. Julian R

    I should lower my expectation on my next purchase. 3 stars for this roll on

  67. Thorryn F

    On our 3 bottle

  68. Roger T

    Works great. Has worked on every ache it’s been applied to. On 4 different humans. All agreed it worked great.

  69. Norvan D

    I use this product every morning on my arthritic knees. It keeps me walking. Very effective

  70. Kaisa R

    I used other pain cream of Keoni before and I thought this one would be even better – but it’s just not effective. Might back to the pain cream next time

  71. Callan J

    I use this morning & nite on my tight neck and hips. It works wonders and I can’t be without it

  72. Walter Manan

    It does help pain! And you don’t need to use much! A bit too much of a cooling sensation

  73. Ortiz E

    It has definitely become a staple in my daily routine.

  74. Gia Hoang

    A bit costly, but I guess the result worth it

  75. Richard Anderson

    This product is the best! Absolutely love it! Relieves the pain and I recommend it to everyone!

  76. Boltzmann P

    Muscle pain, arthritis, it’s helps relieve the pain.

  77. Cooil

    I can often go without prescription pain medication. If you have never tried this, I encourage you to do so.

  78. Hogeson

    It’s amazing how well this pain relief works

  79. Rainer H

    Roll so many times but still no immediate effect. The pain still there

  80. Payne Febguson

    Product worked very well on lower back before golf…this was a god send…shot a 99

  81. Richardson J

    Works great for my arthritis.

  82. Howard McVicker

    This stuff really works on my arthritic pain in my hips, back, knees,etc.! My son’s arm is getting better. Thanks Keoni

  83. Loris R

    We are on our forth bottle of Keoni Roll On, and looking to purchase another. Def worth!!!

  84. Morris T

    I have fibromyaglia and other than strong pain medication, this is the only thing that gives me temporary relief.

  85. Vincent E

    I order this roll on and other products but they missed one. I have to wait another week to get other items. Took so long

  86. Felix M

    I struggle with chronic pain and prefer not to take analgesics, but this oil is amazing! It works so well. I can’t praise it enough.

  87. Elise J

    For my arthritic pain in my hip and knees, I apply some Extra Strength to the area and within 15 minutes or so my pain usually subsides.

  88. Robyn

    Can’t guarantee that this would work for you, but it helps me, and I like the smell! I’ll be buying this again.

  89. Karma

    Great!! Highly recommend

  90. Scott Robert

    Thanks for the fast shipping great job!

  91. Jack Blaine

    I’ve been ordering this product for my Mother for a few months now and she swears by it.

  92. Aznavourian L

    I have a chronic pain in my arm and nothing seems to be able to relieve it ! This Keoni Roll On is my life saver. Will always keep it in stock

  93. Oman T

    Didn’t do too much for my arthritis or pain. Didn’t feel a sizzle

  94. Lancaster P

    Use it everyday. Especially after hard workouts

  95. Auer T

    It numbs the affected area and the has both a cooling and warming sensation. I will definitely be buying again

  96. Bohn Gestavo

    I prefer this roll on than cream or gels. So convenient when I can use it anytime I got injured during the basketball game

  97. Spence J

    Shattered shoulder leaves aches and pains…. This soothes it!!!! And smells amazing

  98. Blaise Wuckert

    Love the roll on, great for migraine relief. I have knee pain daily, rub some on can go about my day pain free..

  99. David R

    Work ok for $45. Hmmmmm

  100. Kyler Ondricka

    I’ve been ordering this for my mom. She’s been experiencing a lot of pain in her shoulders and arms, and this roll is convenient and has been giving her some relief and she loves it

  101. Sahag U

    Love this product! Gives me so much relief ❤️

  102. Skylar L

    The Keoni CBD roller helps relax my muscles and my body feels very refreshed after I use it. Great product

  103. Gilmartin H

    I have recently been diagnose with arthritis in my back and find thus product helps along with heat.

  104. Emiliano Rojas

    Easy to use. Works fantastic to relieve Arthritis pan in my knees

  105. Bryant F

    It works wonder on all my aches and pains!

  106. Isabell W

    I have used it on my shoulder and back and works great

  107. Meitner A

    It works average. Don’t expect too much

  108. Gavan Caterall

    My leg pain didn’t return for hours. I will get another one soon so I don’t run out.

  109. Clarke Trung

    My wife uses this product on her back. She finds great relief and comfort from constant back pain when using this product.

  110. Thomas Steven

    I have chronic pain in my ankle. There is an instant cool sensation, but it takes awhile for it to really relieve my ankle pain

  111. Ed Sutton

    Been experiencing pain in my left hip area. Try to roll this Keoni on the area. The cooling give relax feeling and relieve the pain eventually.

  112. Lechner M

    This product is remarkably effective in reducing muscle pain without resorting to drugs which is always a welcome approach. Can’t not expect more

  113. Zac G


  114. Lucas Bischoffshausen

    It is not what I expect from this roll on

  115. Melanie R

    I have frequent muscle pain because I’m a senior and this roll on help me work out vigorously.

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