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Our CBD Topicals are sweeping the nation! It may seem counterintuitive, but your body can benefit from the effects of CBD even when you’re applying it to your skin! Our topicals are designed to be absorbed into your skin so your body can get the most from Mother Nature’s goodness. The major focus on our topicals is providing targeted relief. If you have a sore back, or achy joints from being active, our topicals will provide you with fast, soothing relief. There’s more to our formula than CBD. In fact, our relief rub contains 10% emu oil which is an ancient remedy that has been proven to work for thousands of years. With our topicals you’re not just getting a skin cream, you’re getting an effective, penetrating pain reliever that is suited for all walks of life. From relieving pain in your child’s twisted ankle, calming a professional athlete’s intense workout pains, or even combating the aches that accompany age, our relief rub will bring you serious relief.

We’ve taken precision to the next level with our unique mess-free CBD Roll On Cream. This is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle. If you’re playing sports and your knees start to throb, you don’t have to throw in the towel. You can take a quick second to roll on the relief and get back to it without losing grip of the ball. Its convenient, compact shape is perfect for traveling. If you find yourself in a large bustling city where walking is faster than driving, you’ll be prepared to effectively fight those new aches and pains! If you want seriously targeted relief, our line of topical CBD products is perfect for you. If you want the best CBD on the market, you need Keoni!

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Quality without compromise. Simplicity using Mother Nature’s intricacies. Unrivaled value with unwavering values. What makes Keoni great runs deeper than our premium ingredients grown only in the USA. Our attitude towards our customers’ health is the cornerstone of our small business’ structure. We aren’t just a company that sells CBD. We are Keoni.

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