Stitch Premium 100mg CBD Topical Cut Cream

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Stop the bleeding and start the healing! Fighters in the Keoni corner rely on our Stitch Premium CBD Cut Cream to keep them in the fight! Our unique formula utilizes 100mg of pure CBD and other ingredients to apply to wounds to stop bleeding and promote healing safely. Our moisturizing blend includes plant stem cells, vitamin E, and collagen to help keep damaged skin hydrated and healthy, which helps provide minimal scarring.

  • 100mg CBD
  • Safely Stops Bleeding
  • Infused With Vitamin E
  • Uses Plant Stem Cells
  • Formulated With Collagen
  • Used By Professional Athletes
  • Designed To Reduce Scarring


Stay in the fight with Keoni stitch premium CBD cut cream. Enjoy the finest of the Keoni CBD Sport line with our carefully specifically formulated CBD topicals.


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Lab Sheets


Instructions: Adults and children 12 years of age and over:  Wash hands after each use with cold water.

Warning: For external use only.

6 reviews for Stitch Premium 100mg CBD Topical Cut Cream

  1. James Miller

    Fast shipping, customer service is friendly, product meet my expectation. Rated 3000!!!

  2. Gabriel

    Whenever there are scrapes and cuts after my team fight, I always find that Keoni helps it heal faster. They always are ready for the next fight

  3. Martin Kim

    Last month my daughter fall while riding a bike. She got a cut on her leg and had a medium scar. My friend recommend me this product cause she used to use it. I bought one and use for my daughter. She really happy. The cut heal fast and scar get smaller. Thanks Keoni

  4. Daisy Jara

    Worth any penny
    High quality product

  5. Fernando Bunting

    Wish to know this product early through my boxing career. I got so many scars on my body. After using this Keoni cream, it heal so fast and reduce scars area. Awesome Keoni

  6. Reid Bins

    I know this product is for athletes, but it works great for everyone who got cut. I used it for my son’s paper cut. His papercut was not burning anymore and no scar

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