Keoni Sport Sleep Gummies

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Recovery is the key to peak performance. Our new Keoni Sport Sleep Gummies are formulated with natural ingredients and 500mg of pure CBD to help you get the best sleep possible! Your body repairs itself at night, so getting good sleep is critical when it comes to performance. With low carbs, these gummies are the perfect way to end an intense day!

500mg CBD
Eco-Friendly Mylar container
Stay-Fresh reusable seal
Specialized Blend
Natural Flavors
Used By Professional Athletes
Designed For Optimal Sleep


Get a good night’s rest with Keoni CBD sleep gummies. Get the rest you need with Keoni CBD sports line CBD gummies.


Lab Sheets


Instructions: Take one gummy as desired. Consult a physician for optimal use.

Store in a cool and dry place.

121 reviews for Keoni Sport Sleep Gummies

  1. Richardson4721

    Superb sleep aid!!!!!

  2. Amara L

    Does exactly what I needed… get some sleep

  3. Ocean

    They take less than 1 hour to kick in. So effective

  4. Chatman S

    This product will show you what its like to get a good nights sleep again. Total game changer.

  5. Destini Z

    I started these 2 weeks ago and I’m already sleeping like a baby now

  6. Kaydron P

    These gummies have given my wife and I the best sleep. They help us get in a good sleep pattern each night.

  7. Simon Nam

    Having trouble in sleeping? This gummies is your life saver

  8. CeeCee

    Took one, didn’t sleep well. Took two, start feel asleep but not sleep at all

  9. Banks R

    These CBD sleep gummies are the best ever. I have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.i take 1/2 gummy and fall asleep in about 15 x 20 minutes! Absolutely ❤️ these gummies.

  10. Nassau E

    These are perfect for me without any of the negative side effects!

  11. Harper A

    I LOVE these gummies! They helped me sleep through the night and absolutely no next day groggy

  12. Deveron

    I sleep through the night and I sleep soundly. I will always buy these

  13. Roberts I

    Best product ever. These help my sleep issues dramatically.

  14. Kadrick D

    Just one was enough for me. For reference I am female, 5’5″ and 120 lbs

  15. James B

    Great gummies if you need a little help falling asleep.

  16. Berton D

    I have to take these about 1 hour before bed. But, other than that no complaints.

  17. Moody 5

    They help me sleep during the night and when I wake up I feel well rested.

  18. Orien S

    Tastes good and does what they advertise

  19. Shawnta Kit

    It makes it so I can induce sleep when needed, but it doesn’t keep me from sleeping when I don’t take them.

  20. Sherman D

    These really help me get to sleep; helps me get a deep sleep and I stay asleep.

  21. Ferrand RT

    Best purchase I’ve made this year.

  22. Samanha

    i believe these are working well for me to some point still wake up alot but fall back to sleep soon just wish they tasted better

  23. Cobi F

    I would very highly recommend you start here, especially if getting good sleep isn’t your strong suit

  24. Romaguera E

    I’ve been using these gummies for about two months now and they work very well! My husband and I both take one at night and sleep well with them.

  25. Heathcote U

    I have major insomnia. I bought these and looooove how I can finally get some sleep! Totally worth the $$$!!!

  26. Lugano A

    Great products and fast shipping.

  27. Cristiano R

    AMAZING 100 points

  28. Gabasa A

    Great purchase!!!

  29. Floyd A

    Trouble sleeping for years! This does the trick. Fall asleep fast stay asleep all night.

  30. Nicole M

    These are great!

  31. Reid 33

    My friend gave me a sample bag of these to try and I have continued buying them. I can’t believe how quickly these wor

  32. Ram Ram

    Didn’t help me with sleeping throughout the night, I still woke up around 4:00 am

  33. Kiley A

    I love these gummies! No grogginess the next day. Definitely feel relaxed and ready to go to bed!

  34. Nuria K

    While they did help me fall asleep I’m still not sleeping through the night yet. Hopefully this changes as the weeks go on

  35. Jody V

    Absolutely amazing!!!!

  36. Cruz O’Reidly

    Gave these a try and I must say I was impressed! They will knock you out in no time!

  37. Aegerter T

    Wonderful purchase and have even opted into the monthly subscription.
    Highly recommend!

  38. Oral B

    I love these gummies. I take them about 30 minutes before bed and I sleep so well

  39. Coronel

    Taste great and don’t wake up in the morning with my mouth feeling gunky.

  40. Kshlerin Venom

    I recently came off of anxiety meds that were helping me sleep at night! I have tried lots to help me sleep, but these gummies are the winner!

  41. Wankanda

    Helps me stay sleep all night


    These have helped me so much!! Recently I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping, especially while doing diet. Highly recommend

  43. Dale K

    Easily the best thing I’ve done for my sleep

  44. Hagenes

    good thing is that you will not wake up groggy or in a slump. I’ve been using them for a month now

  45. Nino

    I sleep so well and so soundly with very vivid dreams so I know I’m getting good REM activity.

  46. Gussie Co

    Before these never fell asleep until 2am if I was lucky….1hr later with the sleep gummies. Work great

  47. Elsa M

    No more binging seasons of shows and still not falling asleep at a decent hour since I’ve started taking these.

  48. Kaden D

    My dad purchased this and it was a winner for his. He was very pleased with the effects

  49. Irene Z

    These give both my spouse & I a great night’s sleep! We especially love them for travel and jet lag, we think it really help

  50. Kim Bella

    Started taking these in the afternoon and have no trouble going to sleep!! They’re yum as well!!

  51. Agata

    Very good product!

  52. White Flower

    I used these back when I was having problems sleeping and they worked like a charm.

  53. McKenzie

    These are a great way to unwind to get a good sleep. Been using every night and like the added herbs and melatonin. They really help.

  54. Tracey A

    Great product if you are looking for a full night of sleep and wake up refreshed! I recommend!

  55. Nolan Bigler

    I’ve been using these gummies for about 4 months Now and I am simply blown away.

  56. Dawn O

    I take 1-1.5 gummies a night to sleep and I love the ingredients because it’s safe to eat with my different food sensitivitie

  57. Osinski L

    It’s the perfect mixture for someone with insomnia (me).

  58. Escribano P


  59. Shields X

    It really just leaves me feeling nice and rested!

  60. Michael Le

    Helps to get good sleep.

  61. Stuart

    Definitely my go to sleep aid for the night, and my most purchased product on the site


    These sleep gummies give the most consistent results, taste the best, and are optimal for before bed having zero sugar

  63. Winfield

    Part of my nighttime ritual to assure good sleep. Relaxing and puts me in a deep sleep along with CBD.

  64. Petri Z

    Helped me fall asleep naturally. I was shocked I slept without waking up after 30 minutes to an hour.

  65. Nicholas R

    Great taste and help me sleep soundly. I won’t travel without them

  66. Santolaria V

    I’m finally able to get a good nights sleep again

  67. Oldfield 1111

    Helped my sleep!

  68. Iris B

    Love these!!!!!

  69. Shan B

    Love it thank you so much

  70. Carpenter

    Works great for falling asleep nice and relaxed. Thank you!

  71. Troylen M

    These gummies help me gradually fall asleep, stay asleep and I am Not groggy in the morning.

  72. Emmett R

    1 a day for my wife and I and we both are sleeping through the night and not groggy the next morning.

  73. Shanon Dewar

    I was impressed. Chewed one gummy & 1/2 hr later, I got in bed. Couldn’t fall asleep, so I chewed 1/2 if another one. I went right to sleep & slept for 7 hrs. Thanks

  74. Narciso C

    I started taking these with the sleep gummies and I get such a nice night worth of sleep. They never cause me to wake up

  75. Elia 99

    Love these gummies. Can’t wait to try out others from the performance line.

  76. Kerry Y

    I am a light sleeper and have hard time falling asleep. These work wonders!

  77. Sean Lu

    Working good for me. Better than sleep mode. Take 3 near bedtime. I like the taste and it dissolves quickly.

  78. Daddysla

    This product has helped me tremendously with my sleep issue

  79. TY

    Love Keoni CBD Sleep Gummies! I take a half gummy nightly. Half a gummy usually it is enough to get me gently off to sleep

  80. Glynis O

    These gummies are great for sleep. I have trouble turning my brain off at night. I usually have no problem falling asleep being absolutely exhausted however I wake up worrying and can’t shut my brain off

  81. Reed T

    Work well

  82. Camaro L

    Great gummies!!!!

  83. Elaine Seabrook

    I find them helpful. Overall, I feel more relaxed and calm and have been getting better quality sleep for the past month that I’ve been using them

  84. Haskell Moen

    Highly recommend if you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or are a restless sleeper. 👍�👍�

  85. Em Y

    Very effective combination of CBD with Melatonin. Allows for consistent sleep through the night and no overly groggy feeling in the morning. Very pleasant

  86. Graham L

    These definitely help to sleep!

  87. Anh

    It does exactly what it advertises. Works wonderfully.

  88. Francisco 852

    I have never slept “normally” and have to work so hard to get sleep on a healthy schedule. These gummies definitely save my night time

  89. Yazen C

    Ordered as a gift, recipient was very pleased

  90. Navier T

    While eating these gummies, 3 nights in a row I have received my best sleep scores to date

  91. John M

    The taste is good because it’s not too sweet. The dose is right on because you can have a full three or less. The effects are quick.

  92. Brampton 69

    I tried these Sleep Gummies because I wasn’t getting a good nights sleep. they worked great

  93. Jonathan Vu

    Helps me fall asleep but I don’t stay asleep. I usually wake up in about 5 hours

  94. Pollard T

    I absolutely LOVE these sleep gummies. I’ve tried a ton of different ones from different brands and these are the only ones that have actually worked.

  95. Jules

    These are some of the BEST on the market, gotcha some!

  96. Keylon R

    Definitely must give these a try if you have trouble sleeping.

  97. Giovanni Bradtke

    I really love all products that I have purchased through your relief. They do more for me than medication never has.

  98. Lorraine Crighton

    Amazingly restful sleep!! 😴🙌🏼

  99. Sudiroprojo

    It’s a magical medicine for sport players. Take 30 min before bed, knocks you out, gives a deeper sleep

  100. Joyce A

    I have many sleep issues and these help a lot. I’ve been using them most nights for awhile now, I never feel groggy from them either

  101. Rico H

    These really helped me get to sleep and stay asleep

  102. Karen Cx

    I’ve never slept so good! Thanks these awesome gummies. 5 stars

  103. Harris E

    These are the best gummies out there! These actually help me sleep while other stuff doesn’t!

  104. Brent N

    I don’t need them every night but when I do they are wonderful.

  105. Almerinda Ure

    Helped dispell the discomfort.

  106. Gina Talu

    Yummy gummies that also help me go to sleep! Highly recommend!

  107. Crossley G

    I’ve tried several different gummies and these by far have been the best for me. They definitely help me get way better and deeper sleep! Best in the business!

  108. Stocker159

    I would recommend to those who have a hard time sleeping like I do

  109. Alyssa Ang

    These Keoni help me have clear dreams nightly after long fights

  110. Brentan U

    This are a gentle sleep aid without any psychotropic effects. They work reliably to help me doze off and don’t leave me groggy

  111. Sévon B

    My wife and 18 year old daughter are also in love with them. Highly recommend!

  112. Cassandra M

    I like these sleep gummies, they seem to work a little fast than the pills.

  113. Nicolò V

    I have tried many things to sleep and these hit the nail on the head, deep deep sleep, love them.

  114. Caro Max

    Sleep gummies help me relax and have a great night sleeping and resting

  115. Chaz M

    Well well well well!!!!

  116. Loki Th

    I sleep and that’s all I care about. I usually fall asleep within 30 minutes of chewing them between 9-9:30 PM

  117. Dameon S

    I was real skeptical before I got these, but after trying one, it worked so much better than I was anticipating. 5 STARS!!!!

  118. Georgy L

    There is a clear improvement in my ability to fall asleep and STAY asleep since I started taking them

  119. Zohn H

    Tried these mostly for the ache management aspect and because I’m a horrible sleeper. Takes forever to fall asleep and I toss and turn like crazy and wake up multiple times a night. These definitely helped with the sleep

  120. Bleiker M

    works great!!!

  121. Mayra Landeros

    I normally can’t sleep through the night, so I wanted to try these. I fell asleep gently and slept like a baby. I did not experience grogginess or foggy mind the next day like I have with other over the counter sleep supplements. My friend took some for pain and reported that it did help manage pain from a recent minor injury. Def. recommend!

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