Keoni Sport Pain Relief Spray

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Recovery is the key to peak performance. Our new Keoni Sport Pain Relief Spray utilizes our advanced relieving blend of 750mg pure CBD and natural menthol to target sore muscles and help you remain at the pinnacle of performance. We’re so dedicated to excellence that we optimized our bottle to fit your high-octane lifestyle with a lightweight aluminum container that travels easily and won’t get crushed by your gear.

  • 750mg CBD
  • Strong Compact Container
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Full-Coverage Spray
  • Natural Menthol
  • Used By Professional Athletes
  • Designed For Optimal Recovery



Enjoy fast and instant cooling relaxation with the Keoni CBD pain relief spray. Experience our premium formulated Keoni Sports line. Try our top selling CBD topicals and save with our affordable pricing on top-grade products.


Lab Sheets


Instructions: Adults and children 12 years of age and over: Spray affected area not more than 4 times daily. No need to rub. Wash hands after each use with cold water.

Warning: For external use only.


113 reviews for Keoni Sport Pain Relief Spray

  1. Hannah G

    Effective products, reasonably priced.

  2. Peckham V

    Seems ok but there’s better out there.

  3. Florence M

    I have no hesitation to recommend this spray…or any of the Keoni pain relief creams

  4. Loonie

    I was hoping for a stronger pain relief from this, but it is very mild. General 3 stars

  5. Blanche L

    Great product. I works wonders. Thanks

  6. Beresford K

    This product came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from arthritis or joint pain!

  7. Michael B

    it does not do much to relive pain

  8. Longton H

    It works like a charm and is very easy to use on yourself. I would recommend this product.

  9. Faith R

    This spray is wonderful. It takes the pain of arthritis and a troubled knee away. Also worked on a stitch in my neck!

  10. Wilmot B

    This really works well. You don’t even have to rub it in.

  11. Hamilton TY

    Not a bad product but it’s not as strong as other menthol sprays or rubs

  12. Lycholit

    I find this is the best product I have tried!

  13. Abigail

    Love it but of course don’t like the price

  14. Parker A

    Feels cool and good on area. I put on every night

  15. Amanda S

    I prefer my other go to sprays but this was good to try…not as strong as my other 2 but will use.

  16. Deborah Arman

    One of my favourite way to treat pain. No need to rub the sprayed solution into the skin for it to work

  17. Lièvremont T.

    Works miracles!

  18. DM

    Spray works well, especially when treating a hard to reach area.

  19. Margery

    She tried the spray but says the cream is more effective.

  20. Derley V

    Easy to use in spray form. I do like to use on my knees. Doesn’t take much

  21. Ales V

    I generally use this product in cream form but the spray is easy to apply! I would recommend wearing a mask when spraying

  22. Christine Mc

    Bought the pain relief spray for spouse, and he finds quite a bit of relief from them. We love it

  23. Raya Lou

    This product works really great. So glad I have it now. Spray form is always convenience

  24. Nancy D

    One of the bottles the cap was broken. I contacted with customer service and they send a new bottles. What a great service!!!

  25. Bertrand G

    Pain relief spray is an amazing addition to my gym gear

  26. Nom

    Really easy to use for hard to reach areas. Feels hot but works really well.

  27. Richard

    Good good ….

  28. Gillelan T

    Bought it for hubby for his knees said it doesnt work for him at all!!

  29. Vandame E

    Sprayed on my lower back and pain goes away within a minute!

  30. Granton J

    I have tried all the other pain relief rubs and spray and this Keoni works best for me.

  31. Margerie S

    Works well for us. Cooling and soothing!

  32. Shawn Co

    Best spray ever for arthritis. Will be buying more when run out

  33. Sosi R

    Not for my use

  34. Bradston Y

    My friends have ALL told me that they really work and they are thankful that I have introduced it to them! The spray version is very convenient!

  35. Wayne Rashford

    I have used this spray for over 5 moths now and it has do wonders for the relief of my pain in my ankle and knees

  36. Gustave M

    I used many things and this product works really well and fast

  37. Vogel M

    Thank you for producing natural products that work for pain relief.

  38. Ellyn Z

    Very effective for pain relief joint pain, back, muscles pain love it definitely I will buy again it’s the only pain relief that I use

  39. EDWARD

    Works great and lasts for pain relief of sore muscles

  40. Boyadjian MK

    Helps open up the airways and breathe better which could impact pain

  41. Marretta R

    This pain relief spray is excellent for me as I have problems reaching my lower back with the cream, where this spray spreads it easier.

  42. Jade Y

    Bought the pain relief spray for spouse, and he finds quite a bit of relief from them.

  43. Santiago Ma

    Love it!!!

  44. Jacqueline 789

    Love the ease of the spray to reach the back of my shoulders

  45. Rebecca T

    Wonderful product

  46. 214635

    It helped to an extent, but didn’t get rid of the pain

  47. Lesley Watson

    The spray automatically sprays the whole area. Once I use it, I forget I’ve aches and pain.

  48. Knody L

    This has been helping with the pain in my knees a lot. Easy to use as well

  49. Desrochers Anan

    works great spray on wait 15 mins pain is almost all gone

  50. Gamarra Elexa

    I use this product for foot/metatarsal pain, arthritis. Work great 100 point

  51. Marilyn C

    This Keoni spray helps recover pain immediately and lasts.

  52. Morgan R

    The spray works pretty well for temporary relief of muscle pain.

  53. Lambert H

    Not work for me. Would not order again.

  54. Catherine R

    I love all your products and recommend them to all my friends . They have ordered your pain relief products as well


    Works great! Relieves pain fast and easy to apply

  56. Judithe P

    I love this product and use it a lot allowing my body to relieve pain especially when I sleep.I highly recommend it

  57. Jerry Schuppe

    I’ve been using the Keoni Pain Relief for 2 weeks and find it really helpful. It cools in no time and makes everything feel better. The spray really helps to get to parts of the back that are not easy to reach otherwise.

  58. Brian159

    I use the cream but the cbd spray I save for harder to reach areas and when my pain is really bad

  59. Pamela 4

    Mother in law does not like the smell so she won’t use it. Sorry

  60. Emily C

    this spray has helped my joints and muscles a lot

  61. Cat Cat

    good 5 stars

  62. Jared

    It worked in minutes. Felt cooling relax and relief in my fingers

  63. Cathy N

    It’s like other pain relief, the smell is very strong, the gel is better than this spray

  64. Cheryl R

    It’s amazing and I have recommended it to several people.

  65. Mary Q

    it has helped me so much , again I would buy that as well ..

  66. Emilian

    Love the products and shipping is fast 👍

  67. Willan M

    Love Keoni products. Work as advertise!!!

  68. Dan Liao

    Keoni has allowed me to get full night’s sleep when other products failed. I will continue its use and gladly recommend to others

  69. Leslie C

    Didn’t really notice much benefit. Overpriced

  70. Patrick

    i really like the addition of cooling effect. The spray is so easy to use, so I can spray directly and massage instantly

  71. Matteson

    Great product

  72. Tom Y

    The person I ordered this for is super happy with the spray. She uses the cream as well but finds the spray easier to use at work

  73. Robertson Ed

    This get dried quickly after spraying. Fast relief reaction

  74. Doucette

    The only thing I suggest Keoni should improve is shipping time. Take sooo long

  75. Wright F

    I am using it for myself…..

  76. Brent Doyle

    Keoni Spray is so relieving for people who suffer from pain. It helps me avoid taking traditional pain medicine, which can be harmful.

  77. Jenny Thompson

    This is a hard product to review because it does work on your targeted pain areas, but it’s a spray. But it work great for me, so I give a rate of 5 stars

  78. Kathleen 12

    Great product works well

  79. Shannon Y

    When you spray the product on it did work but not for very long. Would not recommend this product as I was not satisfied.

  80. Sophia B

    Works well. I would purchase it again

  81. Matthews B

    Excellent but wish the effect would last longer

  82. Quentin G

    I have been using this product for over half year and have arthritis in my back. Will order again

  83. Leo Abram

    My hand got cramped while I was playing basketball and had to substitute during the game. My coach used this to cooling the pain down and that pain get lighter. Really like it

  84. Carnes

    I had a muscle cramp that wouldn’t go away a few days while camping. I spray directly to the pain area and it start relieve after few sprays

  85. Joyce Dodd

    I was pretty surprised by how well this worked. I didn’t think that a spray would work. But it was definitely effective

  86. Pamela Mcculloch

    For tough pain the cream is better, but this does the job nicely for hard area to reach

  87. Jil Amex

    The CBD spray helped my knee tremendously. I will definitely be purchasing more.

  88. Rowlands G

    I recommended Keoni to all my friends. Thanks Keoni for the great products.

  89. M C K

    I felt the product was a little pricey for what you got. Still work great

  90. Nadine C

    Moderate amount of CBD and it work perfectly for pain relief

  91. Samuel V

    works really well

  92. Judy N

    I’ve been suffering with back and knee pain and so far this is the only non-narcotic pain reliever that works.

  93. Hopkins G

    My mom fell and fractured her arm. I bought this Keoni spray and this is her go to spray for anything that hurts or aches, she LOVES IT ❤❤

  94. Lilian De

    Highly recommended for temporary relief

  95. David Rumsby

    I had Spinal cord surgery and the pain is very surver I love this product it help relieve the pain. Will order another bottles

  96. AD

    I will finish it but I probably won’t buy again. It didn’t really help with my pain.

  97. Ngo McKinley

    this works so fast and lasts. I’m a very happy person now. thank you!

  98. Christmas

    Easy to apply and like magic! I will definitely purchase more.

  99. Watts

    this works 100%

  100. Harwood M

    As a trucker, my back suffered pain due to sitting all day. This is a saver for truckers. Really like it

  101. Cody X

    excellent product

  102. McKeown

    This works wonders on my osteocytes on the top of my feet.

  103. Graciela L

    works on my pain for the whole night

  104. Debra Z

    Intermittent spray so may run out of pressure soon. Don’t like that.

  105. Anna Chan

    My family use this Keoni spray a lot. My mom finds a lot of relief for her nerve pain in her feet

  106. Sandra Hoang

    It cured arthritis pain in my hands.

  107. Paula K

    I’ve recommended this product to friends and family and everyone is pleased with the pain relief it provides.

  108. Corbeil B

    Gives some reliefs

  109. Tommy O

    I have had many unfortunate breaks to my feet and wrists. This product is the best I have found to date. Highly recommend it for arthritis, joints, back pain.

  110. Luke E

    Easy to apply in hard to reach areas- just spray. Effective pain relief.

  111. Atkinson T

    Great product works well
    Like how quickly it dries

  112. Roberts J

    I use it for back pain. Helps temporarily only.

  113. Carol

    I bought a bottle at the Mr. OLympia 2021 and omg is my fav since than. This is honestly the best pain reliever I have ever tried, it’s literally the only topical analgesic that relieve my pain in minutes. I love it!

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