Keoni Sport Pain Relief Spray

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Recovery is the key to peak performance. Our new Keoni Sport Pain Relief Spray utilizes our advanced relieving blend of 750mg pure CBD and natural menthol to target sore muscles and help you remain at the pinnacle of performance. We’re so dedicated to excellence that we optimized our bottle to fit your high-octane lifestyle with a lightweight aluminum container that travels easily and won’t get crushed by your gear.

  • 750mg CBD
  • Strong Compact Container
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Full-Coverage Spray
  • Natural Menthol
  • Used By Professional Athletes
  • Designed For Optimal Recovery



Enjoy fast and instant cooling relaxation with the Keoni CBD pain relief spray. Experience our premium formulated Keoni Sports line. Try our top selling CBD topicals and save with our affordable pricing on top-grade products.


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Instructions: Adults and children 12 years of age and over: Spray affected area not more than 4 times daily. No need to rub. Wash hands after each use with cold water.

Warning: For external use only.


17 reviews for Keoni Sport Pain Relief Spray

  1. Santiago Ma

    Love it!!!

  2. Gamarra Elexa

    I use this product for foot/metatarsal pain, arthritis. Work great 100 point

  3. Jerry Schuppe

    I’ve been using the Keoni Pain Relief for 2 weeks and find it really helpful. It cools in no time and makes everything feel better. The spray really helps to get to parts of the back that are not easy to reach otherwise.

  4. Cat Cat

    good 5 stars

  5. Jared

    It worked in minutes. Felt cooling relax and relief in my fingers

  6. Dan Liao

    Keoni has allowed me to get full night’s sleep when other products failed. I will continue its use and gladly recommend to others

  7. Patrick

    i really like the addition of cooling effect. The spray is so easy to use, so I can spray directly and massage instantly

  8. Matteson

    Great product

  9. Brent Doyle

    Keoni Spray is so relieving for people who suffer from pain. It helps me avoid taking traditional pain medicine, which can be harmful.

  10. Jenny Thompson

    This is a hard product to review because it does work on your targeted pain areas, but it’s a spray. But it work great for me, so I give a rate of 5 stars

  11. Leo Abram

    My hand got cramped while I was playing basketball and had to substitute during the game. My coach used this to cooling the pain down and that pain get lighter. Really like it

  12. Carnes

    I had a muscle cramp that wouldn’t go away a few days while camping. I spray directly to the pain area and it start relieve after few sprays

  13. Joyce Dodd

    I was pretty surprised by how well this worked. I didn’t think that a spray would work. But it was definitely effective

  14. Jil Amex

    The CBD spray helped my knee tremendously. I will definitely be purchasing more.

  15. David Rumsby

    I had Spinal cord surgery and the pain is very surver I love this product it help relieve the pain. Will order another bottles

  16. Ngo McKinley

    this works so fast and lasts. I’m a very happy person now. thank you!

  17. Graciela L

    works on my pain for the whole night

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