Keoni Sport Relief & Recover Roll-On Gel

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Recover without the Mess! Our new Keoni Sport Relief and Recover Roll-On Gell is ready to provide relief on the go! This blend of natural ingredients and 750mg of pure CBD is packed inside of our innovative Roll-On! When your muscles and joints start flaring up, you can apply directly to your target area and get back in the game!

750mg CBD
Cool Mint Scent
Spill-Proof Cap
Innovative Roll-On Applicator
Specialized Recovery Blend
Used By Professional Athletes
Designed To Soothe Joints & Muscles


Ease your joint and muscles with the Keoni relief and recover roll-on gel, the finest of the Keoni sports line. Gain relief now with our carefully formulated CBD topicals.


Lab Sheets


Instructions: Adults and children 12 years of age and over: Apply to affected areas as needed to provide quick, lasting relief.
Warning: For external use only

113 reviews for Keoni Sport Relief & Recover Roll-On Gel

  1. Panig M

    I loved it, its effective and does not have a strong smell

  2. Mirakian V

    I use it on my shoulders. Find the smell relaxing. Loosen’s tension.

  3. Shen T

    For me I dont like the smell of this roll on but it work pretty well. Might consider to order again

  4. Pagour E

    I love this product for my lower back pain it’s amazing

  5. Mauryan T

    it is my go to to sore muscles after a tough workout. I love the large bottle it comes in, and since a little goes a long way, it lasts for quite a while.

  6. Pedant P

    I roll this on my knees and shoulder daily….It is a temporary relief while waiting for surgery.

  7. Tiffany V

    Gets abit messy around ball applicator, provides some short term pain relief.

  8. Nicosia J

    I use it at night with muscle melt and it relieves my back pain. Helps me to sleep.

  9. Petrik D

    I used it for muscle aches and pains and its absolutely relieving. I never have to use pain medication and most importantly for me. Its natural.

  10. Marin B

    This product has actually helped for in between appointments and provides relief . I am very pleased to have recently discovered it and will keep it on hand

  11. Imanuel A

    Love this product, gave me relief for my pain and smells great!

  12. Guelph Richard

    Roll it on and rub it in. For a clumsy person like me with chronic back pain, I try to keep this with me all the time.

  13. Jay Jay

    This stuff smells great and it WORKS amazingly. Bring any pains here

  14. Xinz Chu

    Just a small improvement on my shoulder pains

  15. Denis D

    Roll it on and within seconds the pain starts easing. Incredible

  16. Markham F

    Quick relief to achy lower back. Roll a circle around kneecap when it’s sore. Works fast, smells good

  17. Manpreet D

    I love it! It works well

  18. Nikola H

    I have plantar fasciitis very soothing and comforting

  19. Miriam S

    this product does not solve my back issue. Will not recommend this to my family

  20. Rose A

    This helps me to start my day sooner and easier. Always keep in stock

  21. Topalovic F

    This product is big, fat and super effective.

  22. Knight

    Helped shoulder n knee pain.

  23. Gill R

    So far it has been effective! The scent is also so much more enjoyable

  24. Vania B

    I use it for my leg cramps and arthritis. Not work too much

  25. R

    Use it on my ankle and wrist when they are bothering me. Awesome product and great smell

  26. Lisa Bogen

    I applied this gel on my neck and shoulder. I feel hot but the pain is not gone away. Just less pain

  27. Taylor Mac

    Helps withy arthritic knees & sore shoulders.

  28. Mark I

    Compared to other same products, this Keoni is little bit more expensive but after using it few time, it worth my penny. Will buy again

  29. Volkmann T

    I am using it on my thumb which has arthritis. It has helped the pain and I will be trying it on other body pains as they arise.

  30. Serena T

    I love this product! Have been using it for a couple years now. I’ve got recurring neck & shoulder pain and whenever I feel it flaring up, I use my roller

  31. Hannan

    The quality is average. Not too high or too low

  32. Goddard R

    This product is truly amazing! It relives sore muscles joints and pain! Easy to apply on hard areas

  33. Goran E

    I find this product very good for pain.

  34. Christina L

    I need this gel for instant treatment but the shipping time is so long. I have to run to nearby pharmacy to buy temporary medicine.

  35. Susana C

    Highly recommend for knee icing and heat. Convenient and easy to use.

  36. Xavier M

    I can’t live with out this pain relieving remedy as I suffer from chronic pain!

  37. Athanasian T

    I love this roll on gel. I use it on my neck & low back & it works great

  38. Harper Zimmer

    Using on my lower back to relieve deep muscle pain…

  39. Luffy R

    Did not give the amount of pain relief that I expected but did notice some improvement

  40. Ren Min

    I like this roll on and use it often for muscle pain.

  41. Tanya Xuan

    It works well on arthritic hands ….is not greasy and has a pleasant bouquet

  42. Beaton

    My husband and I love this. Amazing product and you only need a little bit which goes a long way. Pain relief happens instant

  43. Mona E

    I bought this for my son who play in a soccer team. I expect to relieve his leg pain but it not. He’s quite sad when apply and the roll does not work.

  44. Dot Jc

    It easily adjusts over the contours of the body, thus ensuring good contact and secure placement. It is also more aesthetically pleasing than most of its competitors.

  45. DL

    My job sometimes puts quite the pounding on my knees and using this product does seem to help a little on those days.

  46. jnki25

    I have terrible pain in the back of my neck and this gives me good

  47. Qiao Ming

    I usually apply it in my shoulder & neck whenever I have that knot/tightness especially at night & during a long drive.

  48. Jakob

    Takes my arthritis pain away. Do not know what i would do without it. Every day life much better!

  49. Emily W

    A must purchase! 5 stars

  50. Moore

    I got light injure during doing gym, this roll on saved me that time. Heal the pain instantly and cool feeling

  51. Caitlyn O

    The roll-on product relieved pain initially but did not sustain relief

  52. Harold Walker

    I have several back issues and Keoni helps so much!! This stuff is definitely worth every penny. I make sure and always have some in stock.

  53. Julie C

    I am impressed how fast it works

  54. Yianna K

    Effective for arthritic pain!

  55. Daniel K

    What I really like the distinctive smell. It relax me all night

  56. Lilly K

    Personally didn’t find it has helped with any pain at all.

  57. Patrick Nate

    My dad gets horrible neck pain, I let her try this roller and he was shocked! I gave it to him to take and we ordered more.

  58. Pipelli Q

    First time ordering online due to the stay at home order in Ontario & it came in 2 days!

  59. Stephenson 11

    This product is amazing, feels fantastic helps relieve stress and pain

  60. Walter Richardson

    Keoni works really good on arthritic joints. Use it regularly on shoulders

  61. Lukaku R

    I don’t find it helps as much as I expected

  62. Scott Sutton

    This stuff is absolutely fantastic! I have severe lower back issues, multiple ruptured & bulged discs… always in pain. Keoni is a life saver. I’ve been using it for 5 months. Will be back next time to order

  63. Salou U

    It feels very good and lessens the pain. It has a cooling sensation after it has been applied.

  64. Spencer GH

    Did not expect to work as good as it does. Will not make pain go away, but really takes edge off.

  65. Malik E

    I find it very affective as well as a nice mental recharge. Highly recommend!

  66. Austin O

    My whole family uses this for aches and pains. It gives relief quickly.

  67. Alston Brian

    I was skeptical about this but a friend recommended & this stuff helps!!! My thigh muscle got tired and my husband roll Keoni on that area. The feeling so comfortable and make the pain eventually gone

  68. Iliana B

    I find that it works better than other name brand products. I love the portability.

  69. Maria L

    Would definitely recommend to anyone suffering from arthritic and joint pain.

  70. Elina O

    I was really excited to try this product after reading the reviews. I absolutely love what safe products do however; I didn’t find it did anything. I apply 5 times but still nothing

  71. Harper LiYang

    I love this product! I use it on my back/ neck but also use it whenever I have pain in other areas

  72. Jesse T

    Easy to apply and so effective to treat soreness and muscle aches. Must buy item

  73. Titos D

    This gel make the tingly feeling knowing that it is working

  74. Myron A

    The best for my chronic pain

  75. Salah V

    While it had little to no effect on the nerve pain, it is mildly helpful with general muscle tension

  76. Natasha V

    I have used this and love the smell. The product is great

  77. Amy W

    Use for my tendinitis and for back pain/spasms. Works faster and better then anything else I have found.

  78. Patrick Pham

    It’s only short term relief

  79. Dawson M

    I love this product. Will buy again

  80. Gloria OP

    helps me for my stiff neck, nice and cool (not too cool) and easy to apply

  81. thomas Bohn

    I love the roll type. It acts as massage tool, so I can do myself. So convenient and great result. Will buy other bottle

  82. Monades P


  83. Brandan P

    After a workout, this helps relax the muscles and relieves after-workout recovery pain. The roll-on will last long

  84. Zoey Ambros

    Really does nothing for me, spent $37 and doesn’t work

  85. Angelia V

    seems to work for me 🙂

  86. Nash S

    Works quickly to release tension and warm muscles. Love it!

  87. Evgenia V

    Love the portability and ease of use. the smell… doesnt last too long

  88. Cynthia Lux

    Helps arthritis sufferer calm their aching and inflammation. Roll on is easy for person to apply without mess.

  89. Adalyn G

    Could not say anything bad about it! It works, does the job , super efficient!

  90. Cortney H

    This Keoni roll on stuff is helping with my back pain so I can make it through my workout.

  91. Navas L

    Seems ok; I suppose I thought it would be somewhat awesome.

  92. Anna-Lena

    It works well for my sore muscles. Will recommend it to my friends

  93. Steven Hamu

    I’ve tried it all for period pain. This is my go to for cramps. Works great

  94. Platon F

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and extra strength pain relief is a great support with my pain meds and it smells good too

  95. Robert Payne

    Tried many products but the result is low quality. After google and saw Keoni and give it a try. I have to say it’s so effective. It relieves the pain, at least takes the edge off

  96. Hongan E

    Another brand helped better

  97. Vicky B

    I like that it is a roll-on, much easier to apply.

  98. Giovanni Conti

    Use it on my lower back when I’m having a bad back day. The pain go away around 30 mins later. Must have stuff in the house.

  99. Ethan 2222

    I use this product nearly every day, I have arthritis abs it really helps ease the pain most days

  100. Anastasia

    I use it on my hands due to arthritis! It helps so much ! Love the product ! Thank u ❤️

  101. Markle Hyn

    My husband uses this it helps with his neck and shoulder pain cause he’s road worker

  102. 2413215

    I am still waiting for it

  103. Lehmann F

    It really cools the skin and helps my muscles relax

  104. Halsey Kellie

    Keoni actually does help with my basketball elbow pain. Smells great but the scent disappears after 30 mins

  105. Xene U

    This is great for sore muscles, aches and pains

  106. Isabell R

    This is a must have! I’ve been suffering with severe neck, shoulder and upper back pain. After 1 use, within 15 minute I got great relief.

  107. Angelina S

    This is the only thing that works for my sciatic pain! I couldn’t live with our it

  108. Maureen Y

    Any type of pain it helps ease. Will buy it again. Love it!

  109. Filippa B

    It doesn’t help anymore than the roll on I have

  110. Mary T

    I love this product and have praised this to all my friends

  111. Rebecca T

    I would highly recommend. Rolled on my shoulders and almost instance pain relief

  112. Kalomoira R

    It warms shortly after applying it. Not to mention how soothing and calming the smell is to me.

  113. Mania B

    Great for my knee pain. I put it on at night with a carrier oil and it is very helpful.

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