Keoni Sport Pain Gel 500mg With OptiMSM

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Severe pain requires advanced relief. Our latest topical formula combines the known healing compound CBD with an even more effective compound CBG to achieve a more potent analgesic (pain-relieving), anti-erythema (anti-inflammatory rash), and lipoxygenase (inflammation) blocking activity. On top of these healing cannabinoids, our latest formula also includes OptiMSM, a potent compound found naturally in plants and animals. MSM is essential for supporting many different functions in the body. It is vital for supporting proper cell structure and reversing free-radical damage to cells. MSM also supports the immune system and the body’s ability to repair connective tissue.

This intense combination is ready to target severe pain whenever you are with its unique applicator. Simply press on the top to get a soothing dab and massage directly onto the affected area!

  • 750mg CBD
  • Strong Compact Container
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Full-Coverage Spray
  • Natural Menthol
  • Used By Professional Atheletes
  • Designed For Optimal Recovery


Keoni Sport Pain Relief Gel with CBD + CBG and OptiMSM is a shining example of how we lead the industry with ingenuity. This powerful CBD topical contains a full 500mg of cannabinoids (375mg CBD, 125mg CBG) and the added healing compound OptiMSM to relieve target areas below the skin. If you have serious pain, you need the world’s best Relief Gel! Only at Keoni CBD.

  • Packed with 500mg of cannabinoids, including the notorious CBG and OptiMSM, along with other refreshing ingredients, help relieve severe pain.
  • This extra-strong formula leaves you with a cool, refreshing feeling that provides instant and long-lasting relief.
  • Our unique blend ensures grease-free use every time.  By absorbing deep into your skin, you get the best results possible!
  • Our easy applicator makes it simple to conserve your gel for long-term, emergency use!
Testimonials for
Keoni Sport 500mg CBD Roll-On Gel
I Love The Feeling!

When my muscles start aching and cramping, I reach for this! It’s like instant relief on contact. As soon as it touches my skin I can start to relax, especially with cramps. It goes from excruciating pain to relaxation in no time flat!

Sharon Peters, Wisconsin
This A’int a Joke!

I love my job, but it requires that I move a lot and some days, my back isn’t up to the task. The guys on the site used to laugh at me applying pain gel like an old man, but right after I apply I run circles around them! Now we all use it and couldn’t be happier! Production’s up and I feel great!

Chuck Whitmore, Virginia
My Hand Feels Like It Used To!

I crushed my hand in an accident and even after the surgeries that I had, it still aches. I have been prescribed opiates but I hate the way they make me feel. I have been using CBD products to help, but sometimes my pain is severe. This gel is my new secret weapon!

Russ Newman, North Dakota


Ingredients: Cannabidiol, Purified Water, OptiMSM, Vegetable Glycerin, Tea, Carbomer 940, Optiphen, Aloe Vera 200:1, Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus Oil

Lab Sheets


Directions: Apply to the affected area as needed. Natural active ingredients may discolor over time.

119 reviews for Keoni Sport Pain Gel 500mg With OptiMSM

  1. Yoona

    It’s okay, not to much cure

  2. Lewis R

    Lower back pain was lessened after a few weeks of use.

  3. Evered R

    did not give to much relief

  4. Peter A

    It truly is a miracle gel. Thank you for offering it.

  5. Wolstan

    The cream was beyond my expectations. It really helped my husband’s pain level

  6. Veldon B

    Nice product but not up to the mark

  7. Benedict L

    It’s much better on the more minor pain in my knee. At any rate, it’s much better using this than not!

  8. Rochelle

    As with the majority of things I have tried, this only provides temporary relief

  9. Esau W

    Been experiencing pain in my lower back and right hip area. The Keoni pain gel works in a reasonably short period of time.

  10. Jeremy C

    Only gave 3 stars, because I don’t really feel it worked good on my swollen knee.

  11. Bryden

    Thanks for the fast shipping great job!

  12. Migsett D

    Works great for my arthritis.

  13. Pattesley A

    It does help pain! And you don’t need to use much! A bit too much of a cooling sensation

  14. Luan Chan

    Es un producto muy efectivo para los dolores musculares

  15. Salathiell U

    I have chronic pain in my ankle. A friend said this was like instant relief. There is an instant cool sensation, but it takes awhile for it to really relieve my ankle pain.

  16. Gisborne Y

    This gel has the perfect amount of cooling relief mixed in with the great soothing affect CBD is known to do.

  17. Keoni

    Do find it works very well unless it’s over very thin skinned areas

  18. Roland V

    Have tried two other CBD creams for persistent shoulder pain. After a month of every day use the pain is not just better but gone!

  19. Esau X

    Je ne suis pas sûr de son efficacité…

  20. Baeck Dony

    Awesome !!!!!!!!

  21. Everard

    Worked fast to relieve my stoff muscles

  22. Vo Hoang Dung

    It works long. Awesome product

  23. Powell C

    It smells nice and it absorbs into the skin quickly. I can take the container with me and use it when I’m out. It’s expensive but worth it.

  24. Pettit 6

    Didn’t work as well for me as another cream I have but could be effective for others.

  25. Brett P

    I tried different creams and gels for the pain in my knees, but nothing worked as well as this cream. I bought the 500 strength, I use it 4x a day and it has dramatically reduced the pain. It is also very pleasant to use.

  26. Nitzan 482

    Shipping is very fast. Meet what I need

  27. Keoni

    Expensive! But it works its job

  28. Christopher Vo

    Knee and foot pain. The product gives at least a good four hours relief to chronic arthritis in my knee and in my feet walk about 17 to 21,000 steps a day at work only thing that keeps me going at this point without a knee replacement

  29. Marvin T

    Works great for muscle aches and pains. Within minutes I had relief from the low back pain I was having

  30. Roland M

    Applying this gel throughout the day, relieves my knee pain.

  31. M Albertson

    Like to have it to reduce the pain in my body after working all day my body and back is in pain

  32. Alban L

    Unfortunately didn’t help me very much. Was delivered fast !

  33. Donald K

    Pain relieving seems to actually work. Let see in few days

  34. Lopez D

    Had very minimal pain relief, the pain was still bothering me.

  35. Maynwaring

    Great for pain relief

  36. Scott Greenwood

    There is not much to say about this Keoni gel

  37. Corson Y

    Does what was meant to be..

  38. Hurdle

    Great product. Really helps relieve pain

  39. Alberto 2323

    It’s just okay, but it has not stopped my pain

  40. Nicholaus Y

    I have a pinched nerve in my neck and bursitis in my shoulder. The cream gets rid of almost all the pain.

  41. Guse’

    Used for areas needed to relieve pain.

  42. Bob N

    I get pain from computers and also bicep tendonitis. This really helps! I just had a pain on my right arm from my wrist all the way up to my shoulder

  43. Evia L

    Does an excellent job stopping the pain in my aching knees. Works instantly last for hours.

  44. Weldon Meta

    Works fast, not greasy and absorbs quickly.

  45. Osmund E

    Was expecting more of a pain relief not just a cream. Was looking for an alternative

  46. Patrick A

    Really helped when I cracked my ribs and injured my rotator cuff. Helped with the pain

  47. Alberto S

    After applying my both legs for 5 consecutive days the pain start to slow down. Well the pain still there but this product help a lot!

  48. Savill D

    Close to instant relief. Will buy this again.

  49. Esmee Loppie

    Bought for my son who suffered a severe knee injury. He says its helps a lot with the pain. Great CBD Gel

  50. Wilkinson

    I highly recommend this if you have a lot of pain. Worth any penny

  51. Garret N

    Not sure how much it helped ..

  52. Roger A

    Works better than any other pain relief cream I have tried

  53. Crawford J

    My husband has tried all kinds of creams, but he said this one works the best. It’s not greasy nor does it have a strong smell.

  54. Harry P

    Used like 3-4 weeks. Don’t feel any changes to my back pain

  55. Dylan V

    I used it first for my legs to see how it would be. I was quite amazed almost instant relief

  56. Richards Wowy

    Don’t hesitate to use it. It works like a charm.

  57. Watson E

    I’ve been using this product for nearly a month and I have had zero regrets over purchasing it.

  58. Julian S

    Last week I pulled a muscle on my back and the gel helped the spasm subside.

  59. Calum R

    I got this CBD gel for my grandmother, who has tried numerous products , including oils , creams etc… and she says this starts working immediately. It lasts hours for her, and she loves it so much

  60. Blonde Vivian

    My husband got back pain when he played baseball with his friend. He had so much pain and my sister in law suggest me this gel. I tried on him and it is amazing. Will need more for him to recover

  61. Reignold K

    Still good but this gel is not what I’m looking forr

  62. Rea Ass

    This gel has helped in the daily fight with my back pain, painful knee issues & neuropathy pain in my feet.

  63. Oliver A

    I have used this cream for pain relief on forearms, legs and the back. I really don’t think it does anything.
    Maybe works if you think it does.

  64. Gerald P

    I’m very pleased and will be getting more when I run out

  65. Roland

    Well worth the price. Thanks for the healing. I’m a customer for life!!

  66. David Mouse

    I work on my feet all day at my second job and I have started using this after a hot shower and it helps so much!

  67. George K

    It takes about 3 days for me to the pain lessened. So I gave 3 Stars

  68. Johnny

    Works very well with sore muscles

  69. Leynham R

    Wasn’t much effective, had to put lots in order for it to work..

  70. Forest Lind

    What else I can expect to relieve the pain. One of my favourite item in my bag

  71. Clare N

    The gel has really helped my joint and muscle soreness from the first day I tried it. Easy to apply and it smells good too!

  72. Payne F

    I really liked this product, you can definitely feel the tingling sensation and it feels great.

  73. David V

    it is a lovely cream, a little bit goes a long way

  74. Harry Od

    My feet and lower calves sting and burn and are numb with neuropathy that I attribute to diabetes. This gel stops the pain but doesn’t affect the numbness, immediately but not for more than a couple of hours

  75. Hunter Watson

    I love it it works good takes the muscle pain away would buy again

  76. Gardner M

    This stuff is great. I have a lot Of aches and pains and this Definitely helps take the edge off

  77. Daniel

    I absolutely love it. I recommend it to anyone with osteoarthritis

  78. Ethan Ngan

    I’ve been using this 2 weeks now and no knee and ankle pain climbing ladders no problem kneeling down no issues

  79. Stocks

    Excellent product- will purchase again!

  80. Ralph X

    Works as advertised!!

  81. Nathan S

    No smell . It helps shoulders both have a tear in them I would say try it

  82. Sigrid Wilderman

    Good product, nice smell !!!

  83. Powell 30

    I’ve bought this for a friend 3 times now. He swears it really helps the back,hip and leg pain go away.

  84. Bridget A

    Bought it last 2 weeks. They seemed to help a bit for the pain.

  85. Joe Joe

    Helps reduce the pain

  86. William R

    So far, this product has helped me with pain relief to an extent.

  87. Andrew

    It seems to work! Not sure it’s a placebo effect, but it’s ok by me! What I really like is a cooling element.

  88. Bruno Vazquez

    Arrived very quickly and my mom said it seems to be helping. Will buy myself some from Keoni and get ready for the matches.

  89. Underwood

    Reduces joint pain significantly in my knees. Love it

  90. Sean V

    So I’m the the guy who is always skeptic about things. But I will admit I’m impressed. My family love it!

  91. Phoebe 245

    It did not do anything for me. I have inflammation in my back and because of it i have severe issues in my back. I tried this and i felt i made negligible changes.

  92. Carpenter D

    It’s more expensive than other similar products, but I think it’s better and therefore worth it.

  93. Ann

    5 Stars product!!!

  94. Ralph Duong

    I’ve tried several different products for arthritis in my knees. This product seems to work the best.

  95. Bende Z

    I have been using the gel for wrist tendonitis. It definitely lessens the inflammation, which in turn helps with pain.

  96. Võ Khắc Vũ

    Such a convenient product. I got knee injury while playing soccer. My coach use this Keoni gel rub on the pain and it worked instantly. I recover few day later. My go-to place 5 STAR

  97. Damaris Dasopang

    Worth the money. Save it on my aid kit!

  98. Lovell K

    Average quality for $50. I’d rather find another store !!!

  99. Robinson M

    It relieved muscle pain for a few hours. My team is waiting for me to recover. So EXCITED!!!

  100. Bar staple

    This may be good for some however it did nothing for me. It does go on thin and does not have a strong smell.

  101. Roger

    According to the reviews and what I read I thought it would be a little more helpful than it is

  102. Medina Y

    I think this product helps a little

  103. Osmund E

    When I need instant relief from muscle and joint soreness, I reach for this gel.

  104. Yi Jing

    easy to use and work immediately. My toe pain finally go away after few times using Keoni

  105. Ronald Lychiu

    Just start with a small amount and work your way up when applying. A little really goes a long way

  106. Marian Y

    It’s ok…

  107. Steven Trieu

    Too soon for a long term review but at this point I’m willing to buy it again.

  108. Kenneth

    Thanks Keoni. I’m able to walk better although getting down on my knees has a way to go yet, if at all

  109. Tubney F

    I looked everywhere for something to ease the pain. This is IT!

  110. Jeramy H

    Great service. Good product

  111. Rachel B

    Gentle on the skin but not effective in the long-term

  112. Jason Ngo

    I’ve been using it a little over a week now and I think it’s doing something positive. 9/10

  113. Adelardo Maximo

    I have occasional pain in my left knee. I applied the muscle and joint gel and within a few minutes it was completely gone!

  114. Mathias D

    It’s doing the job and it’s worth buying over and over as a result.

  115. Charles B

    The pain is relieved for hours! I couldn’t be happier. I’m sleeping better

  116. Ralph Beer

    It made a big difference in my pain, not 100 percent gone but way better! And the fragrance isn’t overwhelming!

  117. Warner Q

    I have issue with shipping time. I’ve been waiting over 5 days, but it says the order is processing

  118. Susanna

    My sister said was good!

  119. Saunterton E

    Can’t expect more what it did with my lower back pain. Extremely effective. Love it

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