Keoni Sport Pain Gel 1000mg With OptiMSM

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Severe pain requires advanced relief. Our latest topical formula combines the known healing compound CBD with an even more effective compound CBG to achieve a more potent analgesic (pain-relieving), anti-erythema (anti-inflammatory rash), and lipoxygenase (inflammation) blocking activity. On top of these healing cannabinoids, our latest formula also includes OptiMSM, a potent compound found naturally in plants and animals. MSM is essential for supporting many different functions in the body. It is vital for supporting proper cell structure and reversing free-radical damage to cells. MSM also supports the immune system and the body’s ability to repair connective tissue.

This intense combination is ready to target severe pain whenever you are with its unique applicator. Simply press on the top to get a soothing dab and massage directly onto the affected area!

  • 750mg CBD
  • Strong Compact Container
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Full-Coverage Spray
  • Natural Menthol
  • Used By Professional Atheletes
  • Designed For Optimal Recovery


Keoni Sport Pain Relief Gell with CBD + CBG and OptiMSM is a shining example of how we lead the industry with ingenuity. This powerful concoction contains a full 1000mg of cannabinoids (750mg CBD, 250mg CBG) and the added healing compound OptiMSM to relieve target areas below the skin. If you have serious pain, you need the world’s best Relief Gel CBD topical!

  • Packed with 500mg of cannabinoids, including the notorious CBG and OptiMSM, along with other refreshing ingredients, help relieve severe pain.
  • This extra-strong formula leaves you with a cool, refreshing feeling that provides instant and long-lasting relief.
  • Our unique blend ensures grease-free use every time.  By absorbing deep into your skin, you get the best results possible!
  • The Keoni easy applicator makes it simple to conserve your gel for long-term, emergency use!
Testimonials for
Keoni Sport 500mg CBD Roll-On Gel
I Love The Feeling!

When my muscles start aching and cramping, I reach for this! It’s like instant relief on contact. As soon as it touches my skin I can start to relax, especially with cramps. It goes from excruciating pain to relaxation in no time flat!

Sharon Peters, Wisconsin
This A’int a Joke!

I love my job, but it requires that I move a lot and some days, my back isn’t up to the task. The guys on the site used to laugh at me applying pain gel like an old man, but right after I apply I run circles around them! Now we all use it and couldn’t be happier! Production’s up and I feel great!

Chuck Whitmore, Virginia
My Hand Feels Like It Used To!

I crushed my hand in an accident and even after the surgeries that I had, it still aches. I have been prescribed opiates but I hate the way they make me feel. I have been using CBD products to help, but sometimes my pain is severe. This gel is my new secret weapon!

Russ Newman, North Dakota


Ingredients: Cannabidiol, Purified Water, OptiMSM, Vegetable Glycerin, Tea, Carbomer 940, Optiphen, Aloe Vera 200:1, Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus Oil

Lab Sheets


Directions: Apply to the affected area as needed. Natural active ingredients may discolor over time.

117 reviews for Keoni Sport Pain Gel 1000mg With OptiMSM

  1. Hunter D

    Can’t expect more. It is all I need for my back pain. I can drive long trip . Thanks Keoni

  2. Liane M

    Seems to temporarily help muscle and tendon pain. Not so sure about joint pain…

  3. Daniel C

    I use them a lot and have shared them with others. Great product!

  4. Ashton R

    This product has given me much more relief with my back pain.

  5. Charli J

    I’ve tried several CBD gel and they never seem to work. Keoni’s products work!

  6. Dawson Q

    This does not meet my expectation. Some points are good, some not.

  7. Jesse U

    Works great. Really helps to relieve my pain! Wish it came in a larger size….

  8. Peter Parker

    It doesnt take the pain away but does ease it some

  9. Madeline Q

    I was skeptical since I had used a topical before and didn’t feel the relief I got was worth the price. This one makes it a whole new ball game. Really love it

  10. Pang Q

    This gel really cool. My teammates always have it in their bag in case we got injured. 5 Stars

  11. Charlie N

    This pain cream was definitely effective in reducing the pain in my knee after an injury.

  12. Noble F

    My wife and I both use the 1,000mg Pain gel for back and joint pain. It works fast, and the menthol scent is light and Not overly cooling

  13. Kelly F

    This cream works quickly and helps take your pain away. Thanks

  14. Thomas Gary

    Well this product works soooooo well that when you apply it there is no horrible smell

  15. Max TY

    It didn’t help with my pain. Just a cooling sensation.

  16. Annabel M

    Works okay…. Not as well as I had hoped.

  17. Morales

    The product works about as well as others in the same class. I get pretty-good joint pain relief from it.

  18. Edison G

    For nerve pain, it’s the very best product on the market. Just you keep making it! Love

  19. Miller H

    So far so good

  20. Cameron M

    4 minutes after applying the pain is gone!

  21. Braxton E

    Good products, and making my life less painful. I highly recommend.

  22. Quin A

    The bottom of my feet burn and tingle most of the day. . . At days end I so appreciate the relief that Keoni gel has given me.

  23. Spencer L

    Love it . Got the 1.000 mg for my shoulder and works great

  24. John Te

    A little bit pricy but the efficiency is 5 Stars. Will order again when run out

  25. Foster P

    It works well as a temporary relief and at least helps me sleep through the night without pain waking me up.

  26. Brandon D

    I liked this product and I used it on my back and legs and I used it at least 3times a day.

  27. Gaddy N

    I rub this on both knees b4 bed and it’s working wonders thus far.
    I’d recommend using this to anyone who suffers arthritis type pains!

  28. Bailey

    Ok quality

  29. Scott Mac

    Seems to be a decent pain relief but could use more menthol properties in my opinion for more immediate relief

  30. Alonzo D

    This Keoni works as well as any other how over It works without the hoard smell. This is totally effective and maybe my favorite

  31. Robert M

    I bought this to treat tendonitis in my knee. I tried four other products but none worked as well as this product!

  32. Roberts A

    Expensive for what you get. I will only buy when it’s on sale

  33. Owen G

    Great pain relief immediately!!

  34. Weaving I

    1000 mg is the best ever. My 95 yr old mom was able to walk for a longer time then she normally does

  35. Randy Huy

    This product is simply amazing. I use it daily and I am able to make moves I have not been able to do in long time.

  36. Ryan Chu

    I do apply 2-3 times a day depending on severity of the pain. Very concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

  37. Hilton L

    Quality is good, Smell is good BUT little pricy. Hope they have cheaper products

  38. Seth F

    Very effective. Have to keep it in the house!!!

  39. Baker D

    Amazing product it is helping me so much with chronic back, neck and hand pain. I am spreading the word to all my friends

  40. Patton 68

    Great product for me as a football player. I can truly feel the difference.

  41. Jayden T

    I like how it absorbs into the skin quickly with No greasy feel.

  42. Harrell

    Love it! Now my husband uses it for his back pain. He was able to sleep pain free from his back pain!

  43. Tyson C

    Instant relief. 5 stars !!!

  44. Ryan U

    Quite pricy when compare to similar product in the market.

  45. Kay A

    I loved this product! I’m actually ordering another one! It helped me so much when I pulled shoulder and neck. Nothing else would help

  46. Anderson R

    It started to work right away.

  47. Linda Peters

    Good product for injury relief! Highly recommended!

  48. Madden P

    I love it. It works on my pain.

  49. 123345

    I got feet injured last week in a soccer match. I used this product along with icing my foot and the results have been good.

  50. Williams Gordy

    It came quickly and it works better than I expected.

  51. Christopher

    This was a great value also, I’ve seen similar creams for much higher prices.

  52. Jude W

    Definitely helps with pain for a few hours! Wish it can be longer

  53. Riley O

    One of the good topicals for pain relief!!

  54. Devoe

    Thank you for giving me back my painless movement! I can be ready for the next 2 week game.

  55. Hugo K

    It works just not as well as I would like.

  56. Welborn Max

    Finally so glad to know I can purchase it without a prescription

  57. Sclafani K

    Holy! This stuff works great! I used Keoni gel for few months and I feel much better. Love this product!!

  58. Joshua R

    This pain gel is fantastic and I was pain free for a long time after each application

  59. Fernando Totti

    After using it, I made an 8 hour drive with zero neck pain, which I always have after long trips

  60. Leonard Gwen

    it has really helped with my rheumatoid arthritis pain especially at night

  61. Dominic

    This cream gets rid of the muscle and nerve pain that I have been dealing with for years. Absolutely amazing!

  62. Fahey C

    Perfect !!!!

  63. Larry Uyen

    I have used this for several years now and it really helps with my arthritis pain in my knee

  64. Gibson A

    I think the addition of menthol helps activate it. I think it’s a little pricey though

  65. Luci Max

    It works for arthritis

  66. Herman Clark

    It took a couple days and using it few times a day but it relieved my arthritis pain.

  67. Michael Y

    Only partially relieved pain for short time

  68. Lavinia Phan

    The main benefits I care about is pain management, and it has worked for that

  69. Nathaniel Y

    I wanted to love it, I don’t hate it but it doesn’t relieve the pain in my hands. I hoped it would

  70. Angel G

    I suffer with arthritis mostly in left knee and left fingers. My friend suggested this Keoni Gel. Decided to try. Was kinda unbelieving the first few days.

  71. Shirley M

    I use it on my wrists and knees. Works great, does not have a smelly odor, like other pain ointments.

  72. David M

    My dad is 80 and tried this for pain I’m his back and knee. He said the results have been amazing. He had tried everything and this has been a blessing.

  73. Tan Dou

    easy to apply only small amount on inflamed area needed

  74. Angus S

    I would definitely buy it again Thanks.

  75. Wenham B

    Great product ever!! It works instantly. I will order this again.

  76. Johnson Cena

    This stuff is amazing!

  77. Rayband V

    Give it a try if you have spare funds and are looking for something new for pain.

  78. Declan Tran

    works well

  79. Deandre Hernandez

    I’m basketball player and got a serious ankle injured. This product has been a lifesaver for me! It really helps to lessen the pain. Will buy again!

  80. Warren Merryman

    my family ordered a jar of Keoni to try for my arthritis knee pain. To my pleasant surprise it really works

  81. Jacob Simmons

    My husband has arthritis in the joints in both thumbs. I can’t tell you how annoying and disabling to him. He tried Keoni for a few times and the result is unexpectable. He is recovering gradually. Love Keoni

  82. Daniel

    This gel has been a lifesaver for my cranky knees!!! So glad I purchased this product

  83. Pam S

    I was pleasantly surprised with the initial experience. It had a cooling, soothing effect that I really appreciated.

  84. Igre

    Try many different relief gel but nothing work better than this Keoni. Thank You for making a great product. I also got some for my friend, he thinks its great.

  85. Johnson 45

    I used rubbing my knees and wrists, helped the first time

  86. Cody R

    One thing I must complaint about is shipping time. It took me more than a week to get this gel. At that time, my pain subsided

  87. Yasaid Maxwell

    Love the relief I get from using the gel. It really loosens up stiff muscles and brings joint relief.

  88. Shavian le

    Been using now for about 5 days, Not all That! Does give some relief, but not too much

  89. Whiteford

    It’s ok but expected better pain relief for the cost.

  90. Sarah Yeo

    I bought for my son and we found it helps his ankle pain almost immediatly. Will keep it handy !

  91. Roberts C

    Best Product on the market

  92. C.Ross

    I felt the heat for about an hour, and was able to reheat by misting with cool water. Compared to other products, this was a great value

  93. Salvador R

    No where can I find a better product than this. Love it

  94. David Lam

    This gel has does wonders by taking most of the pain away. My daughter get cover her elbow pain quickly and ready for outdoor activities

  95. Joseph H

    works extremely well, for about 4 hrs

  96. Dick John

    Works well for soothing occasional muscle soreness and fatigue. Good price compared to similar products

  97. Kevin O’Connor

    I have tried all types of pain relief. Finally I found Keoni gel via google ads. I’m a nurse and the long hours are taking a toll on my back and hips. Thanks Keoni

  98. Isaiah B


  99. Isaiah C

    It really works!

  100. Clinton Martinez

    I have shared the Keoni gel with my family and co-workers. They all love it. Highly rated

  101. James R

    My wife have both begun experiencing the aches and pains associated with getting older. We gave a try to Keoni and the result is unexpectable. It takes time to get all the pain relieved . Def buy again

  102. Manuel Z

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! The gel is wonderful. I bought this for my mom to try and she loves it.

  103. Donald Helms

    I used the gel for the first time today on my neck and left shoulder. Felt instant relief! Love ittt

  104. Wright George

    The ONLY thing that has EVER worked, and it works fast!!

  105. Sebastian Y

    This topical gel is the best on the market. I am a repeat customer and have told everyone about Keoni

  106. Goehring J

    Amazing scent, smells good, and super effective!!!!!!!

  107. Chambers Umina

    Great gel. no pain after using couple of times.

  108. Marcus R

    I can tell No difference in the pain relief afforded by this product and your roll-on product that I have been using.

  109. Koby C

    Absolutely love the cooling and relaxation I feel from this product

  110. Gray F

    This is the best of all the gels and ointments I’ve tried over the years. It does such a good job

  111. Wayne

    I can tell a big difference on the mornings I forget to apply it. So effective

  112. Charles Ronan

    Used it for almost a year. Helps my hands and feet.

  113. Jones K

    I have high hopes on this gel but the reality is not a dream.

  114. Charles T

    This stuff is not a miracle but it makes a difference worth the cost

  115. McKenzie T

    Have tried others and didn’t like the smell. This one is great and I don’t smell like a grandma 🙂

  116. Luke X

    So far it works as well as the oil I have been using for lower back pain

  117. Nathaniel O

    Works as advertisement

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