Keoni Sport Energy Gummies

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Improve your performance with a boost of energy! Our new Keoni Sport Energy Gummies are formulated with natural ingredients and 500mg of pure CBD to give you the power you need to strive without caffeine! CBD is known for its calming nature, but we’re flipping the script with our latest blend! Get going with Keoni Sport Energy Gummies!

500mg CBD
Natural Flavors
Eco-Friendly Mylar container
Stay-Fresh reusable seal
Specialized Energy Blend
Used By Professional Athletes
Designed To Boost Energy


Boost your energy levels with Keoni CBD energy gummies. Peak your performance with Keoni Sport energy CBD gummies


Lab Sheets


Instructions: Take one gummy as desired. Consult a physician for optimal use.

Store in a cool and dry place.


117 reviews for Keoni Sport Energy Gummies

  1. Kimberly Yang

    Not what I was hoping for in an energy supplement

  2. Marco H

    I felt nicely energized and in a good mood throughout my morning

  3. VRN

    Will buy again and recommend to those that need a little extra motivation to get things done.

  4. AMy T

    These are really nice. I’m a regular coffee drinker so didn’t expect these to do too much for me. But the result is incredible. Love it

  5. Libby F

    Im relaxed but also have the motivation to keep going

  6. Umi Pham

    It really is a nice little subtle energy boost that gets you thru the day

  7. Naomi A

    Great and gentle boost of energy I take a gummy after my lunch at work and its gets me through the day

  8. Kristine Y

    I love this product and now always make sure I have plenty on hand , thanks !

  9. LKJ

    I would recommend these, I take one of these in the morning and two of the relaxation ones at night

  10. Mirk D

    they are very helpful and without any negative side effects in my experience, for me

  11. Creedon A

    Love, love, love these

  12. Hern R

    I love these. Whether I take one in the morning to help me get up to speed, or in the afternoon to give me a little boost to finish my work

  13. Jessi Jay

    I am very sensitive to caffeine but these have the perfect amount and I have no caffeine jitters or crash. These are a wonderful addition to a morning routine!

  14. Linda M

    no energy at all

  15. Nidalee G

    I absolutely love these. They give me a wonderful pep in my step in the morning

  16. Julie K

    My lovely wife just handed me an empty bottle and said “gotta have it” so now she doesnt go to work without taking one to make it through the day

  17. Lake R

    okay, I was expecting a bit more

  18. KK

    Very subtle, long-lasting energy boost and I think they help me focus better too.

  19. Flip S

    Great for work! No jitters or anything crazy

  20. Macario H

    These energy CBD gummies help support a balanced mood and stress response during the day

  21. Kaalik A

    Wish this product came in many flavours, I absolutely love it!

  22. Taylor Swan

    What a fantastic way to boost mental everyday. Rated 5 stars

  23. Randall Mcken

    This products is PERFECT! For the nights I had restless sleep and wake up looking and feeling like a zombie for work,Read more about review stating Love these! I turn to these and they help wake me up, as well as relieve some stress.

  24. Layla F

    Take 1 last night and I’ve also noticed my mood is better and stable

  25. Narsi Y

    I love these Energy CBD gum! this product is great for morning waking up.

  26. Jeanette D

    I’m new to CBD, so I thought I’d start with this Keoni. Definitely love it

  27. Crandall 5362

    Tastes good. Gives me a little energy in the afternoon when I need it

  28. Timothy B

    Have been taking Keoni products for about 16 months. Love them. This product is new to me

  29. Rena Y

    Most CBD gummies I’ve tried have been for relaxing or stress relieving, so I love that these aim to boost your energy

  30. Nelson K

    These are absolutely fantastic, I really appreciate the get up and go they give me,

  31. Tadhg 45

    Keep up the great work!

  32. Jean Skinner

    Act fast whenever I need a boost! Love for studying or late night training

  33. Chace Valoran

    Order another pack for backup! I never want to run out of these amazing things.

  34. Elian Rato

    tasty, lots of zip, and a good price for cbd

  35. Paula Machini

    I was waiting for my previous supply to run low! I am glad I made the purchase because I do feel my anxiety lower when I take them

  36. Nacia T

    not too effective on me. 3 stars

  37. Taber G

    These are great for work and give me relief and keep me alert

  38. Eric S

    These were absolutely amazing. They taste delicious it gives me a little bit of energy and gets rid of my anxiety

  39. Riccio Martial

    Helps with my anxiety!

  40. Elizabeth 12312

    ENERGY gummies are great because you can take as many as you want as fits your tiredness

  41. Dada R

    If u need a lil boost through the day, here is what you need

  42. Tahiya D

    my husband doesn’t like it

  43. Georgina Liyu

    I never had bad anxiety until this year. Taking the gummies has helped me so much! I feel amazing.

  44. David Vu

    it keeps me awake, alert and calm during grueling workouts!

  45. Donald N

    These are delicious and help me start my mornings off right

  46. Belle Ino

    I really like starting my day with two of these. Pushing enough energy for working

  47. George F

    The first day of trying this I was impressed. and hooked. I felt calm, but had energy and my stress levels were down

  48. Schwarz 354

    great product

  49. Audrey M

    Love these so much!!

  50. Giroux Jackson

    Nice taste, decent energy boost. My first time trying natural CBD energy stuff, worked better than I expected

  51. Jaddy F

    It most definitely does what it’s supposed to do & I am currently waiting on another order to be delivered

  52. Joden Edwards

    tired of coffee, needed something new & convenient for the early mornings

  53. Anthony Cristian


  54. Oakes

    Love them! I have a hard time getting up.

  55. Macy S

    Love these, take them in the morning and rarely need coffee in the afternoon

  56. Alford M

    Good price, just didn’t give me enough energy to replace coffee/tea.

  57. Delisle

    Flavor is great and just make me feel like the rockstar I am

  58. David A

    These gave me a great pick me up. I still plan to use them

  59. Odina

    not really work on me and my partner

  60. Adrian Drown

    My boyfriend turned me onto Keoni a few weeks ago and we recently ordered this variety pack to split. We use Keoni to boost our energy and chill out with our hommies

  61. Scott Will

    Helps me start my day and keep the anxiety managed as the stresses of the day come

  62. Miller Ed

    Love em! I’m hopping after 2 of these

  63. John Terri

    So much energyyyyy! I take some before riding bike. My bike trip getting further lol

  64. Peter F

    Relieves day time stress without making me feel too different or tired. Definitely a better treat

  65. Madrid F

    Excellent results..

  66. Aaron T

    Picks me up in the morning when my mind and body isn’t ready. Works very well!

  67. Richard F

    Totally work & instantly for me with good vibes!

  68. Wafiya H

    awesome product

  69. JDE

    These are great, I take one at 8 am and another at 4pm They definitely get me through the day!

  70. Jana Jefferson

    Love the taste. I make sure to always keep my house stocked with them

  71. Janet K

    Wakes you up and provides mental clarity and focus! A must buy!

  72. Adison J

    Make me feel great all day! Wish I could buy another

  73. Matt YF

    As someone who’s been taking cbd gummies for a bit, this is one of the first legit value packs I’ve bought. The quality is definitely there. Hope they have more flavours to choose

  74. Green Tree

    Was so excited about these because I’m obsessed with Keoni but the taste of these makes them unbearable!

  75. Juan Mata

    Get rid of caffeine, move to try something new to boost my energy. What else I can expect more from Keoni ???

  76. Park Shyn Ho

    These gummies made me feel alert yet calm. The CBD is perfectly.

  77. Thompson C

    I tried a handful of these and had a decent energy boost, but it didn’t last long enough

  78. Wahponjea

    Doesn’t upset my stomach, doesn’t make me jittery, no manic episodes, better than the best cup of coffee ever!

  79. Kai Cooke

    When I feel down or low I just pop one of these babies and WHAMMO I am back in the mix again

  80. Sabaston

    It is a good pick me up since I’m not a coffee drinker and energy drinks are the devil!

  81. Damian Haug

    I’ve been taking cbd for a couple of months now and these have crept up as my favorite edible. Love Keoni

  82. Jayce

    Convenient and good for little energy boosts on workout days

  83. Aguilar Tommy

    Super tasty and work fast when I need a boost! Love for studying or late night projects 🙂

  84. S. Wright

    Taste yummy and provide a nice even jolt of energy to start your day

  85. Galilaia

    This is what I really need

  86. shaka 90

    Unfortunately I base things on taste. Both my son and I agree. These have a horrible taste. But still work well

  87. Gabby E

    I like the oil than these gummies

  88. Gina Z

    FIVE STARS !!!!

  89. Gaiana N

    Helps me stay on track for whatever I am working on at the time

  90. Vernon Snow

    This has been one of the best value packs I’ve found on the market. Not only is it well worth it for the money but the quality of the cbd too.

  91. Michael Jack

    My husband thought I was out to lunch when I suggested CBD but now we both depend on these happy gummies

  92. Leona 143

    Gives a nice little energy boost while still making you feel cool & calm. I work nightshift and these are my saving grace for the days

  93. Vivian D

    It makes a huge difference in my anxiety levels throughout the day

  94. Fabian L

    the shipping took so long. It’s almost a week

  95. Katey Leblance

    These gummies definitely work excellent. First start with small amount and get used to it. Now I’m addicted 😀

  96. Destiny Elliott

    Definitely does what it’s supposed to, which I’m very, very pleased about. My energy boost pretty much after long day working

  97. Yasamate V

    Give me a perfect amount of energy for the day! Love these – but please add more flavor

  98. Bass M

    You won’t regret these gummies.

  99. Gill Raymond

    You should buy these Keoni gummies they are the best. I never even need coffee anymore!!!

  100. Carroll F

    What a delightful way to get a much needed mental boost every day

  101. Mad

    I take this EVERY MORNING! Love them

  102. Patricia Simone

    Definitely worth the value for what you get at 500mg per package. I wish they let you pick and choose different flavors but the one they have are delicious.

  103. Charlie Boone

    This is the best CBD pack on the market. In all the shops and websites I’ve been to nothing comes close to Keoni CBD for value it’s just too good.

  104. Sisokho

    Flavour is not one of the better ones you do

  105. Walter Browning

    Feel like a powerful rocket. Ready to kick off anytime

  106. Jenkins Hugo

    Work better than coffee. Worth any penny. Will keep it in stock

  107. Gia Hoang

    Love these gummies, they help me stay clear and focused all day long!

  108. Madian E

    This product is just the right amount of cbd, the caffeine has zero jittery effect, the positive on this product is the combination helps me to just “focus” and get things done

  109. Sage Umo

    I really enjoy being able to take smaller amounts of CBD because I am just learning what to take it for. Work as I expect

  110. Devan Sakha

    So eeeennneeeerrrrgggggyyyyyyyy

  111. Mario Botton

    Products always make me feel calm and clear

  112. Kelly T

    Been giving these gummies a try for a few days now and so far I like them

  113. Marcos

    Take small amount is helpful and does not make me feel anxious and jittery like coffee does. Keep me awake all day

  114. Aiden R

    I get a nice lift from the Energy gum, getting a wake-up assist cuz I’m not a morning person

  115. Hungchan

    Taste so good and effective

  116. Fahima R

    not what I expect

  117. Madigan

    After one day taking this I decided I need these on the regular. I don’t drink coffee every day

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