Keoni Sport Energy Gummies

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Improve your performance with a boost of energy! Our new Keoni Sport Energy Gummies are formulated with natural ingredients and 500mg of pure CBD to give you the power you need to strive without caffeine! CBD is known for its calming nature, but we’re flipping the script with our latest blend! Get going with Keoni Sport Energy Gummies!

500mg CBD
Natural Flavors
Eco-Friendly Mylar container
Stay-Fresh reusable seal
Specialized Energy Blend
Used By Professional Athletes
Designed To Boost Energy

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Boost your energy levels with Keoni CBD energy gummies. Peak your performance with Keoni Sport energy CBD gummies


Lab Sheets


Instructions: Take one gummy as desired. Consult a physician for optimal use.

Store in a cool and dry place.


19 reviews for Keoni Sport Energy Gummies

  1. Taylor Swan

    What a fantastic way to boost mental everyday. Rated 5 stars

  2. Chace Valoran

    Order another pack for backup! I never want to run out of these amazing things.

  3. Giroux Jackson

    Nice taste, decent energy boost. My first time trying natural CBD energy stuff, worked better than I expected

  4. Adrian Drown

    My boyfriend turned me onto Keoni a few weeks ago and we recently ordered this variety pack to split. We use Keoni to boost our energy and chill out with our hommies

  5. John Terri

    So much energyyyyy! I take some before riding bike. My bike trip getting further lol

  6. Matt YF

    As someone who’s been taking cbd gummies for a bit, this is one of the first legit value packs I’ve bought. The quality is definitely there. Hope they have more flavours to choose

  7. Juan Mata

    Get rid of caffeine, move to try something new to boost my energy. What else I can expect more from Keoni ???

  8. Kai Cooke

    When I feel down or low I just pop one of these babies and WHAMMO I am back in the mix again

  9. Damian Haug

    I’ve been taking cbd for a couple of months now and these have crept up as my favorite edible. Love Keoni

  10. Jayce

    Convenient and good for little energy boosts on workout days

  11. Aguilar Tommy

    Super tasty and work fast when I need a boost! Love for studying or late night projects 🙂

  12. Vernon Snow

    This has been one of the best value packs I’ve found on the market. Not only is it well worth it for the money but the quality of the cbd too.

  13. Katey Leblance

    These gummies definitely work excellent. First start with small amount and get used to it. Now I’m addicted 😀

  14. Destiny Elliott

    Definitely does what it’s supposed to, which I’m very, very pleased about. My energy boost pretty much after long day working

  15. Gill Raymond

    You should buy these Keoni gummies they are the best. I never even need coffee anymore!!!

  16. Patricia Simone

    Definitely worth the value for what you get at 500mg per package. I wish they let you pick and choose different flavors but the one they have are delicious.

  17. Charlie Boone

    This is the best CBD pack on the market. In all the shops and websites I’ve been to nothing comes close to Keoni CBD for value it’s just too good.

  18. Walter Browning

    Feel like a powerful rocket. Ready to kick off anytime

  19. Jenkins Hugo

    Work better than coffee. Worth any penny. Will keep it in stock

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