Keoni Sport Daily Moisture Cream

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Sports can take a toll on your skin. It’s time for your skin to hydrate and recover! Our new Keoni Sport Daily Moisture Cream is ready to refresh and repair the damage from sports! This blend of natural ingredients and 750mg of pure CBD is designed to penetrate and hydrate your skin, providing soothing and repairing relief!

750mg CBD
Cool Mint Scent
Spill-Proof Cap
Convenient Gym-Bag Size
Specialized Recovery Blend
Used By Professional Athletes
Designed To Heal And Soothe Skin


Hydrate and recover like a pro with Keoni CBD heal and sooth daily moisture cream. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the Keoni CBD sport line. Experience the most premium CBD cream specially formulated for athletes. 


Lab Sheets


Instructions: Adults and children 12 years of age and over: Apply cream to affected areas and rub in. use as needed. Please make sure to wash hands with cool water after each use.

Warning: For external use only


115 reviews for Keoni Sport Daily Moisture Cream

  1. Nolan B

    got this as a supplement for my other skincare but it’s quickly become my favorite product! I

  2. Jacey T

    I have been using this product for a little over a month . I am not very sure if it has brought any changes on my skin

  3. Evan R

    i love this face cream! It feels great when applied and isn’t too heavy. I feel like my face has a natural glow since starting to use it.

  4. Reynolds X

    I use this cream every night before bed time. It keeps my skin smooth and hydrated all night. U can see the difference next morning

  5. Kane A

    Perfect for night time skin care routine, it winds you down and moisturizes

  6. Adams

    Two weeks into using, I never broke out but I developed a temporary red rash immediately after use. I just use a little bit on my neck area now to finish it off, but will not be repurchasing unfortunately.

  7. Campbell P

    Love the feel of the whipped texture… but love the effects even more so! Will be buying more

  8. Dominic X

    It’s thick so a little goes a long way and it feels so good on. It’s moisturizing, is smooth when applying, and absorbs quickly.

  9. Lambton N

    Really creamy and easy to apply! Tons of product! Love it!!!

  10. David N

    Do very good job

  11. Easton A

    Feels great and is very light on the skin. It doesn’t seem to clog my pores, I have combination skin.

  12. Bradley M

    Not mousturizing at all

  13. Neal R

    Outstanding results will reorder

  14. Newton E

    I like this product. It’s not what I expected but I do like how it feels. It’s very light when you apply it, but it looks like a thick cream

  15. Currie L

    For my skin needs, did not provide enough moisture. I had to keep reapplying. Gave it to my sister who likes lighter lotions.

  16. Ronny B

    great product for skin healing

  17. Griffin F

    Smooth application and moisturizing all day!

  18. John D

    Easy application. Not greasy. Relief felt for me..

  19. Bechard 2

    It does its job immediately after the second application. My skin gets hydrated and smoother

  20. Markel S

    Unlike many CBD products I’ve tried, this actually seems to provide some pain relief for sore muscles.

  21. Zane H

    Makes ur face feel dry within 30 seconds, but it moisturizes. Its not the best moisturizer however. Smells okay. Got a good price on it thou

  22. Linda C

    I got sunburn while attending outdoor camping. My mom gave me this cream and it helped heal my skin very well. I shared with my friends. They really like it.

  23. Joshep

    Great stuff!!

  24. Simmons B

    The important item I need when I go for a run!!! Love it

  25. William B


  26. Beaton D

    Not very deep moisture. Certainly not for winter if you have dry skin.

  27. Kyle U

    To be honest, it’s not bad but it does nothing more than your average moisturizer. I did not see any difference.

  28. Maddison W

    Yes! You NEED to try this! 😍😍 After using it for 2 months, I’m buying my SECOND container!

  29. Kevin Z

    My wife and I have tried several different CBD creams from different manufacturers and Keoni is by far the best we have ever used.

  30. Simon V

    I love this product. I use it before and after a round of golf. Buy some and you’ll agree.

  31. X Fisher

    The best moisturizer I’ve used, lasts all day and into the evening. Smells great too

  32. Ming Zhou

    Good choice for those athletes who want their face always be hydrated during or after the matches. Highly recommend.

  33. Lina S

    This is far the best I’ve ever used, I have sensitive skin so have to be careful. The cream feels rich and is thick. It’s non-greasy and soaks into the skin quickly

  34. Barbara J

    Very very effective! I was amazed at how quickly it works.

  35. Frazer A

    Love the texture & find it quite hydrating (it’s currently winter and VERY cold/dry) without feeling heavy at all

  36. Marcus

    Would work best if you aren’t acne prone.

  37. Tyler M

    The cream works really good. I just reordered

  38. Jerry N

    Although it is moisture but I can say it does relieve pain. Thanks Keoni for combination of moisture and CBD

  39. Logan

    I’m one pot in and very happy. The product has a lovely texture, it dries in well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy

  40. Lynn T

    Absolutely the best CBD cream I’ve found! This stuff is life changing!

  41. Brian Pham

    I’ve been using this CBD cream for close to 3 weeks now on my first container and it’s honestly amazing. I usually get super dry skin after a rainy day match.

  42. Laura 66

    One of my favourites to bring to gym everyday. 5 Stars

  43. Lambton R

    Best moisturizer I’ve used, over the years u have tried many brands from expensive to the lower end.

  44. Charlie P

    Doesnt feel hydrating at all and i dont really like the smell, smells like a cheap soap or cream to me..

  45. Hammond Arthur

    CBD goes right to work as an anti inflammation agent and BOOM that ugly puff is GONE. Also it has relaxant properties and caffeine to give you a good start to your day

  46. Kimberly V

    Miracle worker. I use it daily. Great for arm, shoulder, & wrist pain.

  47. Wiseman B

    At first it was great, it felt very soft on my dry skin. After about a week my skin felt nothing same as first days!

  48. Peterson M

    This moisturiser is nice and light, non greasy and really sinks in to the skin.

  49. Hana U

    I love this, please never discontinue this product!

  50. BILLIE R

    Love it

  51. Kennen Y

    I love the smell and the warmth it puts out when you first put it on.

  52. Bella D

    It is moisturizing overall but I don’t find it soothing.

  53. Hurley Robson

    Dirt and rain are what I can’t avoid when playing soccer in field. Keoni moisture always in my bag so I can use after the match. Great product.

  54. Nancy F

    No much difference noticed from other products that I have been using for several months

  55. Peggy M

    I use this cream on my arm daily. It gives me great relief and allows me to golf without pain.

  56. Kila Ma

    I am very pleased with this product. It is very helpful with numbing some of the pain that I am experiencing after football match

  57. Samantha A

    It’s great in the winter as it leaves my skin feeling hydrated.

  58. Jilly H

    Been using it for 3 moths , works great for my neck and arm pains.

  59. Logan S

    The package is well, the product is great but I dont like the smell. Not my type

  60. Mad

    Lovely cream!!!

  61. Freya T

    Best face cream i gave found

  62. 2345123

    No greasy residue or oiliness left after application! I ordered more, and will be telling everyone

  63. Merritt N

    Doesn’t really work for me but smells great!

  64. Willie Jarrett

    Keoni keep my skin hydrate perfectly. I can either play basketball and keep my outlook good.

  65. Dan Keo

    when used everyday it helps reduce the pain in my shoulders

  66. Baldwin A

    I have combination skin that can get very dry and red, I have tried the expensive products which were not much help, this has been brilliant, I highly recommend.

  67. Mikayla

    For me, it’s not worth the price of $50 , you could find the same product for less elsewhere

  68. Loni U

    Works fast, lasts for hours

  69. Diego 45

    this stuff is a little bit expensive, but ordering again.

  70. Kim N

    This is a high quality product with testing proof, and I feel safe using it every day.

  71. Alston Vidal

    I love this cream. It’s a refreshing and rich emollient blend that’s hydrating but not slippery or greasy

  72. Tumbrel

    I have really dry skin and I thought that this moisturizer would be good. But to my surprise it didn’t work that well.

  73. Sharon E

    My routine thing that I can live without. Highly recommend!!!

  74. Felicity T

    This is a light but effective moisturiser with a gentle scent. Works well with the facial oil.

  75. Martin C.Caudill

    Great !!!

  76. Jeffer C

    This stuff is AWESOME… My go to cream over painkillers

  77. Chelsea

    For me this leaves me looking greasy for at least a day. After the first day my skin looks better.

  78. Gesualdo D

    My son has been using this product for a few months and it has given him some relief to keep his body skin hydrated

  79. Teklit N

    bought this for my son. He really like it. Will recommend to my friend. Thanks Keoni

  80. Bernard E

    Skeptical at first, but look at Lab testing sheets and other reviews, I decided to get one and it worth my money. Really effective !!!

  81. Martin Karik

    I rubbed some Keoni cream and it helped with the pain tremendously. Both my parents totally forgot the pain was there. You will not regret.

  82. Malillos R

    This lotion is incredible. I have never had such severe pain. This took it away.

  83. Harvey

    Myself and my partner use this every day, we both suffer from dry skin on our faces and this makes our skin feel instantly hydrated and smooth.

  84. Layla C

    It wasn’t as hydrating as the one that I got from the pharmacy and the smell was different …

  85. Antonio McKeen

    Very nice. Competitively priced and works wonders. Putting it on is an enjoyable experience and one I actively look forward too

  86. Jessica

    I am really happy with this product

  87. Daisy Orchard

    The CBD cream from Keoni has brought about a tremendous improvement in my pain level.

  88. Giovanni Chala

    What an amazing combination CBD and moisture. Always keep my skin hydrated and oil free.

  89. Allan M

    Give this a try and I can feel the improvement on my face but not too much. Might not buy again

  90. Fermo D

    Works as advertised. I’m completely satisfied.

  91. Jon Hilton

    Played in a match and there were a lot of cameras. I was not confident in my face skin condition. Since using Keoni moisture, rough and dried are completely gone, my skin getting smooth and brighter. I’m now confident facing with cameras

  92. Robert Magee

    good product 100!!!

  93. Victor 14

    I have already recommended it to 3 people. They ordered it immediately!

  94. Xavier A

    I feel this cream helps me some what. Give 4 stars

  95. Angelo S

    This was for my grandmother. She said it works well.

  96. Ariel D

    Product is good but customer service is quite delayed.

  97. Gregory N

    Works great

  98. Joseph Cochran

    I’m using 2nd bottle and it’s definitely important on my skin care routine. My skin is very sensitive due to soccer environment. You willl see the result the next morning. Love it

  99. Gille

    This is my absolute go to in the winter months – moisturises my skin beautifully even when I have been out running or walking in the cold and wind.

  100. Marotta B

    Your products are amazing I am sharing them all over social media thanks!

  101. Gale

    Very light, don’t feel like you out moisturizer on after few hours. For the price it’s okay but not buying again.

  102. Clarkson O

    Here’s what I don’t like, I feel like it doesn’t absorb quickly or easily because I’ve had it on for some time and it still feels like something is on my face, touching my face it feels like somethings on my face too. I don’t like that.

  103. Jimmy J. Jordan

    My skin get dried and chapped when play hockey under 5 degree. My friend suggests this product and decide to try for the first time. The result is awesome, my skin is hydrated and look better. I always use it every night before bed to get my skin recover

  104. Lago T

    My teammates have all tried and love this product.

  105. Émilien B

    We bought this to help skin dealing with eczema and found it really gave the skin a nice soft feel. Great product

  106. Chelsea D

    Non greasy and very light on the skin. I use this daily

  107. J Conti

    I was a little skeptical when ordering this, but it turns out i had nothing to worry about. Wow! This cream is fantastic. I’ve only used it for a month

  108. Jesus Miller

    I’ve also noticed a significance improvement in my skin’s appearance. My acne’s better and my skin look brighter

  109. Josie

    I have combination skin and this left my face really dry.

  110. Skylar D

    Love this cream, so soft and nourishing! Great treatment after a tough match

  111. Robin Bureau

    This stuff is the real deal

  112. Susan Z

    Sun and dirt are what I usually got while playing basketball. Use this cream after cleaning and it give me a unexpectable results. I can feel my skin enjoy healing and comfortable

  113. Lehmann V

    It wasn’t moisturizing for me. I had to put a moisturizer over it, to prevent my skin from feeling tight due to dryness

  114. Nicole G

    Wow. This cream actually works. Having suffered for years with drie patches on my face. Four weeks in and not a patch in sight, smells great too. Hydrates my skin

  115. Amy H

    Bought for a present for my daughter as she complained about cheap moisturisers she had previously and she said it was brilliant. Not oily and absorbed in her skin completely.

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