Keoni CBD Pain Gel 500mg With OptiMSM


Severe pain requires advanced relief. Our latest topical formula combines the known healing compound CBD with an even more effective compound CBG to achieve a more potent analgesic (pain-relieving), anti-erythema (anti-inflammatory rash), and lipoxygenase (inflammation) blocking activity. On top of these healing cannabinoids, our latest formula also includes OptiMSM, a potent compound found naturally in plants and animals. MSM is essential for supporting many different functions in the body. It is vital for supporting proper cell structure and reversing free-radical damage to cells. MSM also supports the immune system and the body’s ability to repair connective tissue.

This intense combination is ready to target severe pain whenever you are with its unique applicator. Simply press on the top to get a soothing dab and massage directly onto the affected area!



Keoni Pain Relief Gell with CBD + CBG and OptiMSM is a shining example of how we lead the industry with ingenuity. This powerful concoction contains a full 500mg of cannabinoids (375mg CBD, 125mg CBG) and the added healing compound OptiMSM to relieve target areas below the skin. If you have serious pain, you need the world’s best Relief Gel!

  • Packed with 500mg of cannabinoids, including the notorious CBG and OptiMSM, along with other refreshing ingredients, help relieve severe pain.
  • This extra-strong formula leaves you with a cool, refreshing feeling that provides instant and long-lasting relief.
  • Our unique blend ensures grease-free use every time.  By absorbing deep into your skin, you get the best results possible!
  • Our easy applicator makes it simple to conserve your gel for long-term, emergency use!

Why You Should Use Keoni Pain Gel With CBD + CBG + OptiMSM

Designed for severe pain, Keoni’s Pain Gel is well suited for those who like to stay active, like athletes, hikers, and trade workers who suffer from sore muscles and achy joints daily.

Easily apply, feel the gentle cooling effect, and keep moving.

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimonials for
Keoni 100mg CBD Roll-On Gel
I Love The Feeling!

When my muscles start aching and cramping, I reach for this! It’s like instant relief on contact. As soon as it touches my skin I can start to relax, especially with cramps. It goes from excruciating pain to relaxation in no time flat!

Sharon Peters, Wisconsin
This A’int a Joke!

I love my job, but it requires that I move a lot and some days, my back isn’t up to the task. The guys on the site used to laugh at me applying pain gel like an old man, but right after I apply I run circles around them! Now we all use it and couldn’t be happier! Production’s up and I feel great!

Chuck Whitmore, Virginia
My Hand Feels Like It Used To!

I crushed my hand in an accident and even after the surgeries that I had, it still aches. I have been prescribed opiates but I hate the way they make me feel. I have been using CBD products to help, but sometimes my pain is severe. This gel is my new secret weapon!

Russ Newman, North Dakota


Ingredients: Cannabidiol, Purified Water, OptiMSM, Vegetable Glycerin, Tea, Carbomer 940, Optiphen, Aloe Vera 200:1, Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus Oil

Lab Sheets


Directions: Apply to the affected area as needed. Natural active ingredients may discolor over time.

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