Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 300mg Tincture


Our 300mg Oil Tincture is our most affordable CBD option. If you’re wanting to try CBD, this is a great way to unearth the power of CBD without the complexities. By keeping our formula simple and ensuring our ingredients are top-notch, the result is a line of oils that are completely unmatched.

Nothing will outperform our oils or our value because we stick to the roots of relief. When we formulated our line of impressive CBD oil, we had our customers’ interests in mind. We knew some of our customers would want an affordable option, and that’s where our 300mg tincture shines.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and by starting with our 300mg Oil Tincture, you will not only discover our world-class customer service, but you will also achieve real results. It’s time for you to experience relief. It’s time for you to experience the Keoni difference.



The affordable hero of our oils! Our 300mg CBD tincture packs impressive relief at the lowest cost. There’s more to CBD than potency, and because you’re choosing Keoni, you’re guaranteed quality!

  • Our 300mg CBD tincture holds the most affordable formula we’ve ever offered. From relieving the ravaging effects of age. If you want to try CBD but are concerned about your budget, our 300mg tincture is perfect!
  • Our convenient tincture is perfect for sublingual application. Simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue and relax.
  • All ingredients are organically grown right here in the USA without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Every bit of our formula that enters your body is 100% natural which ensures no negative side effects. 
  • Our oils are rigorously lab tested by a 3rd party to ensure accuracy, potency, and integrity. We take pride in knowing our products are exactly what we say they are. This accuracy assures you’re getting unrivaled value.

Why You Should Use CBD Oil

There are several benefits to using CBD oil. The first benefit is the potency. We have up to 300mg of pure CBD per tincture. That potency means you can get serious relief when you need it, while also getting the most CBD for your dollar. The next benefit
is speed. By taking CBD sublingually, you’re allowing the CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through your oral tissue. This means you’re bypassing your digestive system, which ultimately leads to faster results. By using CBD
oil, you are getting the best value. By using Keoni, you’re getting the best… everything!

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimoninals for
Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 300mg
This Stuff Works!!

I was skeptical about trying CBD, so I decided I’d just try the cheapest one. Holy cow! I noticed a big difference! This stuff works great!

Lynn Schneider, West Virginia
There’s Oil More Potent Than This??

I thought the 300mg would be weak but boy was I wrong! I tell you what, I took some to try and help me sleep and I was out like a candle. I can only imagine what the stronger stuff feels like.

Bob White, Tennessee
I’m In Love With Keoni!

If you’re even thinking about trying CBD just do yourself a favor and order some right now! I accidentally ordered the wrong item, so I called, and their friendly staff got it straightened out right away. I’ve been very happy with my results so far with my 300mg tincture. Well worth the money!

Becky Smith, Oregon


Lab Sheets

CBD 300mg Peppermint Tincture


Directions: Take 0.6 mL (approx. 24 drops) twice per day.

Choose the pinnacle of quality ingredients and pure customer care.
Choose Keoni.

Quality without compromise. Simplicity using Mother Nature’s intricacies. Unrivaled value with unwavering values. What makes Keoni great runs deeper than our premium ingredients grown only in the USA. Our attitude towards our customers’ health is the cornerstone of our small business’ structure. We aren’t just a company that sells CBD. We are Keoni.

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