Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 1000mg

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Our 1000mg Oil Tincture is the hero of our lineup. It has enough power and then some to take on whatever comes your way. You can experience the titanic power of CBD without the complexities. By keeping our formula simple and ensuring our ingredients are top-notch, the result is a line of oils that are completely unmatched.

Nothing will outperform our oils or our value because we stick to the roots of relief. When we formulated our line of impressive CBD oil, we had our customers’ interests in mind. We knew some of our clients demand the most out of their CBD, so for them, we offer a new line of quadruple-digit potency oils. With 1000mg of pure CBD, this tincture is ready for anything.

We are leading the way with our new, highly potent oils. With thousands of milligrams of potency per tincture, these titans are not for the faint at heart. You demand the best, and you should never settle for less. What defines the peak for others is only the beginning with Keoni.



First-up in our row of quadruple-digit power hitters is our affordable 1000mg CBD Tincture. If CBD-per-dollar is significant to you, then this tincture is the minimum of where you should start. This tincture packs tremendous power, gets to work fast, and is easy on the wallet.

  • From relieving the ravaging effects of age to combating the pain of an old injury, our 1000mg CBD tincture has what it takes to give you fast relief.
  • Our convenient tincture is perfect for sublingual application. Simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue and relax.
  • All ingredients are organically grown right here in the USA without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Every bit of our formula that enters your body is 100% natural which ensures no negative side effects. 
  • Our oils are rigorously lab tested by a 3rd party to ensure accuracy, potency, and integrity. We take pride in knowing our products are exactly what we say they are. This accuracy assures you’re getting unrivaled value.

Why You Should Use 1000mg CBD Oil

There are several benefits to using CBD oil. The first benefit is the potency. We have up to 1000mg of pure CBD per tincture. That potency means you can get serious relief when you need it, while also getting the most CBD for your dollar.

The next benefit is speed. By taking CBD sublingually, you’re allowing the CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through your oral tissue. This means you’re bypassing your digestive system, which ultimately leads to faster results.

By using CBD oil, you are getting the best value. By using Keoni CBD, you’re getting the best… everything!

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty-Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimonials for
Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 1000mg
This Stuff Works!!

I was skeptical about trying CBD, but a friend recommended that I try the 1000mg and holy cow! I noticed a big difference, immediately! This stuff works great!

Lynn Schneider, West Virginia
There’s Oil More Potent Than This??

I thought the 1000mg would not be as strong as I’d like but boy was I wrong! I tell you what, I took some to try and help me sleep and I was out like a candle. I can only imagine what the stronger stuff feels like.

Bob White, Tennessee
I’m In Love With Keoni!

If you’re even thinking about trying CBD just do yourself a favor and order some right now! I accidentally ordered the wrong item, so I called, and their friendly staff got it straightened out right away. I’ve been very happy with my results so far with my 1000mg tincture. Well worth the money!

Becky Smith, Oregon


1000mg oil ingredients

Lab Sheets

1000mg CBD Oil COA


Directions: Take 0.6 mL (approx. 24 drops) twice per day.

118 reviews for Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 1000mg

  1. Irene U

    The quality and efficacy of Keoni CBD is 5/5 Star. Can’t talk shit

  2. Claude Y

    I use the oil at night and I have found it to be really helpful both for relieving the pain of my rheumatoid arthritis and for getting a really sound night’s sleep.

  3. Jenkins

    Excellent, easy to work with

  4. E. Smith

    Keoni CBD oil lessens the pain significantly and allows me to sleep through the night. The product arrives quickly

  5. Louie M

    I continue to be completely satisfied with the 1000mg CBD oil

  6. Joan S

    This product works wonders for me.

  7. Mao Zedong

    Their shipping is fast, as I live across the country. It really help me fall to sleep quickly

  8. R Lubowitz

    It has helped me with pain and anxiety from chronic pain and insomnia. I would recommend this KEoni oil

  9. SynHe P

    I can take it when I need it and not when I don’t. It is the first thing that has given me hope and some form of control of my life

  10. Hazel A

    For me, 1000mg is moderate dosage to make me fall a deep sleep. 5 STARS

  11. Alfonzo V

    You can see the result after a night. Let’s try

  12. Monique Lo

    Sleeping deep-sleep, with greatly diminished pain in my joints and back

  13. Austin22

    I will be a Keoni customer for the rest of my life

  14. Kareen F

    It has helped my insomnia so much and I am truly grateful to have found this company!

  15. Mansoreh Y

    Superio product

  16. Alexis P

    This tincture has been amazing for quick relief of joint inflammation

  17. Zelda B

    Very good. Product was and is great.

  18. Asger T

    I have tried many different products, but this one is the best and the one that I am going to always use

  19. Kathy Le

    Love your product! Always keep one bottle in my room

  20. Keosa

    My go to treatment for anxiety. Falling to sleep after 15 min. Love it

  21. Dianna E

    It’s the best of the best

  22. Bogan Halu

    I totally swear by this product & shipping isn’t too bad.

  23. Robyn F

    Outstanding and effective as always

  24. Luna2586

    Always relaxed. Highly recommend!!!

  25. Ellen T

    My knee/back pain and mental health finds complete relief with a dose every 10 hours.

  26. Eric Mat

    I love this product and service is wonderful as usual

  27. Tian Lu

    I noticed I sleep better

  28. 122554

    Good stuff!

  29. Angela MF

    I always buy this product whenever I have trouble in insomnia. My mom really love it

  30. Matthew X

    Always the highest standards of quality. Why not

  31. Jodie W

    really enjoy the product. It helps me sleep through the night!

  32. Ericson K

    May not work for everyone but it works for me! Worth trying.

  33. Hoang Chen

    Great service and amazing product.

  34. Michael


  35. Matt J

    Have been ordering for a year. Really effective

  36. Jadan M

    Helps me relax and feel calm. Will be buying a new one next time.

  37. Jessie Lux

    Always amazing product and service. Fast delivery. Can’t say enough great things about it.

  38. Mary W

    I like your product, used it before off & on, I’ll use this bottle only

  39. David Carb

    Organic, full potency and great results. Highly recommend!

  40. Richard 2898

    5 stars

  41. John Ho

    I can tell you I have never once been disappointed with their world class service or the quality of their product

  42. Elizabeth LL

    Works as advertised. I use it for better sleep with great success

  43. Kath V

    This oil helps with focus and joint pain as always

  44. Barbara V

    I really enjoy the product. It helps me sleep through the night!

  45. Phillipe

    This stuff is great

  46. Chelsie B

    good good

  47. Midhurst T

    Keoni is always a supplier I buy CBD. I could not be more satisfied with the service or product.

  48. Brenton C

    I’ve been using Keoni CBD oil for 2 years, it’s the best there is!

  49. Sisakho

    Keoni CBD is my go to before bed. It has really helped with getting to sleep for me. Thank you for offering such a reliable, high quality product.

  50. Wisozk Yumi

    The product and service is great

  51. Sandra Red

    it take time to get the CBD work but not too long. I’m able to sleep in few min and wake up with full energy

  52. Shawn Domigo

    Your product is the best and has helped me with many physical discomforts. Top notch oil

  53. Reynaldo B

    Still waiting to see if this product actually works.

  54. Lux 1111

    great service. good product

  55. Anthony P

    We are satisfied with your product and will order more when we use what we have. Thank-you!

  56. Frederick

    pure and effective

  57. Ellsworth 9512

    This 1000mg provides needed relaxation for my acute anxiety & problems sleeping.

  58. Patrick P

    I am always extremely happy with Keoni CBD. The customer service is excellent and I am impressed with how quickly they get the CBD to me

  59. Daniel Tran

    If you’re on the fence and trying to decide if you should try this company… let me encourage you to please do it

  60. Branson D

    Oils work and are excellent

  61. Zachariah X

    Whether you take it internally or put on skin, this is a wonderful product

  62. Tahm Ken

    Acceptable CBD

  63. Miller Z

    Definitely has given me a boost & helped with stress management at work. Highly recommend!

  64. Sarah

    My husband loves this for relief from his back pain.

  65. Richa T

    A+ product

  66. Makhi

    Great product! Have it on subscription!

  67. Shrek T

    I have a chronic condition which causes widespread pain, mobility, and affects physical and mental wellbeing. This Keoni CBD has restored my sleep, helped lower my anxiety, and helped lower my pain levels with no nasty side effects.

  68. Morgana T

    I have been using products from this company for a while and have always had the greatest service.

  69. Killen Lynch

    I’ve had recurring neck pain from an injury for the last 20 years. I heard about Keoni CBD and tried it a couple times for a couple weeks without success. Finally, I just went for it and about a month later I noticed I had no pain

  70. Sumita E

    After trying several brands, Keoni is the only CBD I will buy… highly recommend!

  71. Ethan Lennon

    So far so good as expected!

  72. Danielle G

    First try on CBD and this does not make me disappointed. Release all the pain and stress

  73. Helen B

    Seem not work too much for me

  74. Reid Bins

    Very good – We use Keoni Oil daily to reduce our pain

  75. Sherry J

    Keoni proves to be the finest CBD on the market…a great discovery!

  76. Robt Stephens

    Use Keoni CBD for 1st time and my work productivity went up, I feel more at ease with other people.

  77. Robel Chatter

    I like very much ! Sleep very well all night! Help relax a lot! Fast shipping! Super-seller !

  78. Jonas A

    If you take to much it can make you quite groggy, but I am very satisfied with the overall experience

  79. Richard

    This is probably the best sleep aid you can find. I sleep longer and more deeply using this CBD oil than with any other brand

  80. Xing Fu Tang

    The product is working very well to help me get into a relaxed state for sleep

  81. Michael Gary

    I have tried other CBD oil and find Keoni to be the best, no sickly taste and very effective.

  82. Denis Dang

    definitely will buy again

  83. Evelyn Iso

    What else I can expect from this

  84. Michelle 123

    Very satisfied with product

  85. Melissa

    Great product

  86. Joan Mata

    I love this oil. I tend to need abt 9-10 drops at night to calm my mind and help get to sleep

  87. Hazor M

    Arrived quickly and so far has seemed helpful!

  88. Samahan T

    I take it for old knees and feet. It worked very good but it is a very small bottle.

  89. Ewan Vin

    This has saved my sleep and my pain is so much lower. Will keep it in stock

  90. Bobbi Maggio

    Smell, consistency and flavor all point to the best CBD on the marke

  91. Jonathan 23697

    Just got it yesterday. Really excited to see how it works

  92. Jane H

    I can walk without back pain. It’s great. thank keoni

  93. White Walter

    Great stuff

  94. Albert Forte

    Good quality product, would buy again. Rate 10!!!

  95. Sett V

    I’ve tried a variety of CBD products. This is the only one I would (will!) buy again.

  96. Roper I

    10/10 for these Keoni CBD hemp oil tinctures. Very balanced sets of effects and very easy to take.

  97. Raul Martineau

    Great product far better than other manufacturers I have tried. My favorite place to shop CBD

  98. 257963

    I am calmer than I ever have been without feeling groggy. I sleep through the night. Worthy product

  99. Jonathan Castaneda

    I have been using the CBD oil under my tongue and have had great positive results. I have spastic muscles limiting my mobility and using thee oil has relaxed the muscle incredibly so. I am able to walk without a walking device to help me.

  100. Quinn Flatley

    This product is excellent and helps with pain and anxiety

  101. Ed G


  102. Ahmad Cutlip

    Keoni CBD Oil are great! I sleep so much better and do not wake up due to hip pain.

  103. Wachter Ng

    Product works well and service is great

  104. Dunba O

    As a 2 year repeat customer I highly recommend this CBD for new users

  105. Kalou Trixan

    Received product in a timely manner

  106. Jayme Kalou

    Awesome products. Helping to reduce pain in my elbows.

  107. Colleen Wang

    Great high quality product and super fast shipping.

  108. Raymond C

    Product works and service is fantastic

  109. Dante H

    It is a little expensive but you get what you pay for.

  110. Carla99

    It appears to be helping my wife with her main management since she has been taking the oil drops.

  111. Ann Toni

    The best!

  112. Amy Ian

    I really love Keoni’s CBD drops! I take one dropper-full a day for calmness

  113. Brad O

    a dropper of Keoni CBD oil every night has helped me to fall asleep more easily to keep my osteoarthritic joints silent and my mood happy (or so I think)

  114. Army

    work ok but quite costly. maybe will not buy again

  115. Lisa Q

    Always consistent and always easy!

  116. Carolyn Park

    Keoni has worked very well for me. It takes away most of my pain. It’s very powerful

  117. Magnezik O

    Best product, great customer service, Love it!

  118. Daisy R

    Great product, great service. Highly recommended

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