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Keoni CBD capsules offer unrivaled quality when it comes to bioavailability. Getting the effects of CBD through your digestive system is no easy task. Where there are obstacles, Keoni is an industry leader in finding a solution!

With a full 750mg of CBD per bottle, there is plenty of potency to spare. Although potency is critical, another overlooked focus is consistency. We ensure each capsule has exactly 25mg of CBD with 3rd party testing so your body can become accustomed to the amazing benefits CBD can provide.

If you’re thinking about CBD, our capsules are the perfect way to start. They’re as simple as a daily vitamin, so consistent doses will help you achieve the results you desire. Using an effective CBD capsule is important, but using the best CBD capsule can only happen when you choose Keoni.

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High-quality CBD just got simplified. Start your day right by making our 750mg capsules a part of your routine. No mess – no measuring – just pure simplicity.

  • 750mg of pure CBD per container with precisely 25mg per capsule. With this type of potency and our proven high absorption rate, you will get the results you want.
  • Convenient capsules are perfect for precise daily dosage. Simply take like a daily vitamin and start noticing results within minutes.
  • Each capsule is precisely measured so you can be confident in your dosage. This is for long term daily use and is safe to use with our other products. In fact, our products can complement each other and provide even better results when combined.

Why You Should Use Keoni 750mg CBD Liquid Capsules

Our CBD capsules are the perfect way to get your daily dose of CBD. Studies have shown that consistent usage leads to optimal results, and because our products are 3rd party tested, you can be confident that each capsule you take will have precisely 25mg of pure CBD.

Another huge benefit of using a capsule is the sheer convenience without sacrificing power. Other edible methods tend to lack potency, but with 750mg of pure CBD, our capsules have plenty of power to get you the results you want. 

No mess – No measuring – Just simply real results. Only at Keoni CBD.

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimonials for
Keoni 750mg CBD Liquid Capsules
These Capsules Are So Easy!

I really like CBD, but I always seem to forget to take my oil, and I don’t realise until it’s too late. Now that I have these capsules, I just put them in my purse and I have them whenever I need them!

Jessica Roberts, Iowa
Wow These Are Powerful!

I couldn’t believe how much more CBD these have compared to my old capsules. I can really feel a difference. Plus it’s nice knowing that what I see is what I get because they’re lab tested by a 3rd party. Couldn’t be happier!

Richard Williams, Idaho
A Pill I Actually Enjoy Taking

I can’t even tell you how much medication I’m on because of my heart. But taking my CBD is something I look forward to. I don’t like taking my pain medication because of the way it makes me feel. I’m much happier when I can take Keoni instead!

Rose Winters, New Mexico


Lab Sheets

Lab Sheets


Suggested use: Adults take one (1) capsule daily preferably with a meal or as recommended by a physician. It is the consumer’s responsibility to know applicable state and local laws in regard to consumption of this product.

KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN STORE PRODUCT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. DO NOT EXPOSE TO EXCESSIVE HEAT OR MOISTURE. Temporary flushing, itching, rash or gastric disturbance may occur. If these symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult a physician.

118 reviews for Keoni CBD Liquid Capsules

  1. Green TRee

    These have made the difference in my 63 year old mother being able to almost stop using opiods completely. Pain free now

  2. Fabrizio Y

    Life changer

  3. Howard

    Works great I love the gummies also and they work great too

  4. Paul Y

    Not work. not recommend to anyone

  5. Tom U

    I love the gummies also and they work great too.

  6. Joan T

    Works great my lower back pain was less after an hour and I have been using it regularly and Now my lower back pain is mostly gone

  7. Melissa A

    Improves my mood in the day time

  8. Mandy T

    The only thing that helps me sleep. You wake up Non groggy and well rested

  9. Judy Phan

    Had problem with my credit card being used for something else that I did Not order?

  10. Roger C

    the tablets were great.

  11. Rooney Kq

    shipping is an issue need to improve

  12. Celia Nguyen

    GAME CHANGER. Works for back pain after gardening.

  13. Sandy D

    Outstanding products and quick service

  14. Saundra K

    Quality and price of your products are #1 to me.

  15. Kaden

    They did help so I’m ordering more in a higher sttength but they are rather expensive for senior citizens on a fixed income

  16. William S

    Some relief

  17. William J

    Convenient and started noticing improvements quickly

  18. Izumna

    This product does Nothing for me

  19. Tabassum U

    I bought this product to help with the pain in my knees and it helps

  20. Hanam A

    took 3 caps but still no effect. Not worth

  21. Steve P

    Didn’t get any effect, guess I need full spectrum

  22. Kaavia

    you can find other brands with better effect

  23. Brand W

    Works very well for me. Thank-You!

  24. Tadanori 159

    My package mixed up. Bad impression when I got it

  25. Louie

    So simple to take and definitely as effective as my tried and true tincture.

  26. Katherin Chu

    Excellent high quality CBD. It helps give my a sense of calm.

  27. Cabrera N

    Along with tincture, all is well

  28. Mike E

    Awesome product!

  29. Barbara L

    One of necessities in my daily routine. I can sleep deeply and get full energy for the next day

  30. Tailynn A

    They work great

  31. Olaf Kane

    Recommended by my co-worker and fall in love with these caps. always take it before night time

  32. Sean Kingston

    Great results with this product

  33. Lee G

    Working well for my sleep issues

  34. Barbara L

    We love the product especially the dosage and introduced it to friends. arrived really fast.

  35. Cadell L

    They help me a lot so far.

  36. Qudeisha

    Great product and I would recommend them to anyone.

  37. Karin B

    Working well

  38. Matt R

    Easy to keep with you and they work!

  39. Cadilyn V

    These helped me get off anxiety meds and sleep meds and get my life back!

  40. Pat M

    Amazing product. As advertised. Highly recommended

  41. Quintessa D

    just barely cuts the pain.

  42. Jane S

    Great product! Easy to take daily with vitamins

  43. Conner Hamit

    These were my first CBD, and I didn’t kNow my best dosage. I was taking four a day. I think that I prefer the tincture.

  44. Vallan A

    This stuff works.

  45. Ferguson

    I prefer gummies rather than these caps

  46. Snuffy M

    Just finished my first 30 day supply and felt the results. More relaxed and better sleep. Will definitely recommend to others!

  47. Bailey K

    I ran out a few months ago and could really feel pain level go up before I was able to get more

  48. Caudill Jessie

    Taking daily helps combat my anxiety and stay more relaxed. Really love it

  49. Paiva E

    So far so good. Noticed that I am using less TyleNol. Thank you.

  50. Allen Khan

    Love it thank you 😊

  51. Diane H

    Love love this product. Thanks !

  52. Emilio G

    Much easier and more convenient than CBD oil, and seems to work just as well.

  53. Thomas S


  54. Regina V

    They are great

  55. Bandana R

    top quality

  56. Pamela

    These capsules have given me pain relief from arthritis in my knees

  57. Destiny Omar

    I love this Keoni product changes my entire mood. Thank you

  58. Senna G

    They made No difference in mind body or spirit

  59. Emily V

    i love it!!

  60. Paul P


  61. Sal X

    Looking forward to the results

  62. George H

    Working great

  63. Roger T

    Love it love it

  64. Kaamil

    I took 2 caps and nothing happen

  65. Yvonne V

    Just finished my first bottle it’s awesome

  66. Johnson


  67. Bandit D

    The CBd product is excellent and helps me so much

  68. Luo Zexian

    I tried your product for the first time and am very pleased with my results. I also appreciate the great prices. I will be buying more

  69. Balaniki N


  70. Michael Z

    Good quality!! Great taste and effective!

  71. Elliott Watter

    So much better than the oil. Easy to take daily

  72. Annelle Liza

    Better than popping the usual pain pills any day of the week.

  73. Christopher

    These work! My husband uses these for extra help during stressful times to keep him calm

  74. Fadri B

    Product works well, but do Not like the taste at all.

  75. Garnett Heidenreich

    I use the 750mg and I can feel when it starts working. My anxiety us becoming much more manageable, and it has improved my slee

  76. Patricia Kalou

    Most effective caps. Keoni helps with sleep and a little bit of arthritis in the hand from an injury.

  77. Linda F

    Very effective for pain, without a lot of drowsiness. Highly recommended.

  78. Dacia T

    Finishing our first bottle… They are easy to take and work well.

  79. Karen K

    Just what I was looking for! Works magic!

  80. Vicki M

    I am taking the prescribed amount and Not seeing any much difference. day 3.

  81. Sandra A

    Very satisfied with the results. Here is what i really need

  82. 15423678

    Best CBD capsules on the market.

  83. Marvin Tatcher

    My grandfather said the capsules are great. Easy to swallow and have helped mitigate pain & depression

  84. Lisandro Gorczany

    Great capsules for sleep. I have tried other brands of CBD. Keoni CBD is the best

  85. Simone Eric

    It beats using medication rather use something natural for pain and sleep. Will keep it always stock

  86. Chathan J

    I’ve had good results with the first order, and the second is on the way.

  87. Hollie Murphy

    I take it at bedtime and I sleep like a baby. Will definitely buy again !!

  88. Daishiro A

    I went off for a while and Now back on. I can tell the difference for my knees

  89. Joan F

    Best value for high quality CBD!

  90. Jainna

    Worked ok

  91. Lacie O

    It calms me down

  92. Mathew Schaden

    They came fast and seem to work great. I didn’t realize they’d boost my mood as well

  93. Brenda C

    This cap of the high quality CBD is just the correct dose of a high quality product and it helps me with my Sevear RA and Anxiety

  94. Terresa R

    these work

  95. Conner Macejkovic

    This product is SO helpful & doesn’t make me drowsy. I have pain & neurological issues, & we all know that doctor won’t write a script f/pain unless you’ve lost a limb, so I’m always on the lookout for any new possibilities. Will purchase again!

  96. Nathan LE

    They work as advertised. Allow me to relax and focus when I need too.

  97. Dáire H

    They ship me wrong order, so I contacted with customer service. They gave me a gift as a apologize. So nice

  98. Deva Raj

    So far so good. I think cbd is responsible for my sleep improvement. Still trying it out

  99. Patrick T

    I am a vegan and I love that you have these! They work like a charm too!

  100. Kante F

    shipping took forever. will not buy next time

  101. Willie Ceaser

    Keoni products are excellent and service outstanding. Will reorder for sure

  102. Walton Kertzmann

    Helps to reduce intensity of joint and muscle pain

  103. Daniel Ru

    I used to take prescription medicine for anxiety but have switched to only taking 50mg of CBD every day.

  104. Jairus Ng

    Sleeping much better. But the shipping took so longg

  105. Carlos R

    These calm me down, I’ll stick with those

  106. Fannie H

    not worth any $

  107. Richard Jarrett

    Goes really well for me, improves executive functioning and the body health wellbeing

  108. Elisa G (verified owner)

    Helps me with severe stomach cramping. So glad it’s back!

  109. Idalia B

    These regulate my mood and help me focus. I love Keoni product I’ve tried!

  110. Hanley M

    Wonderful product. Helps with anxiety and sleep.

  111. Jahmisey

    I have tried many many other brands but they were Not as effective as Keoni tablets

  112. Fals D

    Easy to swallow every morning

  113. Pallaton

    Takes the edge off of my nerves for the day. Best stress prevention I’ve found

  114. Yachi

    I feel less stressed

  115. Ignatius Chan

    I was worried that it would Not work but it does. Thanks

  116. Oman K

    I will Not buy anymore. Wait an hour after taking 1 caps but feel nothing

  117. Kahikilani

    Works well !

  118. Iona

    They work so well! I’m grateful I found this company!

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