Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 5000mg

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Our 5000mg Oil Tincture is the hero of our lineup. It has enough power and then some to take on whatever comes your way. You can experience the titanic power of CBD without the complexities. By keeping our formula simple and ensuring our ingredients are top-notch, the result is a line of oils that are completely unmatched.

Nothing will outperform our oils or our value because we stick to the roots of relief. When we formulated our line of impressive CBD oil, we had our customers’ interests in mind. We knew some of our customers demanded the most out of their CBD, so for them, we offer our fastest-acting, most potent, and best value product possible- our 5000mg Oil Tincture.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and by starting with our most powerful product, you will not only discover our world-class customer service, but you will also experience the best results. It’s time for you to experience relief. It’s time for you to experience the Keoni difference.



The champion of our lineup. Our 5000mg CBD tincture packs the most power, starts working the fastest, and provides the most CBD-per-dollar of any other product. Let our 5000mg CBD tincture fight for you! 

  • Our 5000mg CBD tincture packs the most potent formula we’ve ever offered. From relieving the ravaging effects of age, to combating the pain of an old injury, our hero CBD tincture has what it takes to get you relief.
  • Convenient CBD tinctures are perfect for sublingual application. Simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue and relax.
  • All ingredients are organically grown right here in the USA without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Every bit of our formula that enters your body is 100% natural which ensures no negative side effects. 
  • Our oils are rigorously lab tested by a 3rd party to ensure accuracy, potency, and integrity. We take pride in knowing our products are exactly what we say they are. This accuracy assures you’re getting unrivaled value.

Why You Should Use 5000mg CBD Oil

There are several benefits to using CBD oil. The first benefit is the potency. We have up to 5000mg of pure CBD per tincture. That potency means you can get serious relief when you need it, while also getting the most CBD for your dollar.

The next benefit is speed. By taking CBD sublingually, you’re allowing the CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through your oral tissue. This means you’re bypassing your digestive system, which ultimately leads to faster results.

By using CBD oil, you are getting the best value. By using Keoni, you’re getting the best… everything!

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimoninals for
Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 5000mg
This Stuff Works!!

I was skeptical about trying CBD, but a friend recommended that I try the 5000mg and holy cow! I noticed a big difference, immediately! This stuff works great!

Lynn Schneider, West Virginia
There’s Oil More Potent Than This??

I thought the 5000mg would not be as strong as I’d like but boy was I wrong! I tell you what, I took some to try and help me sleep and I was out like a candle. I can only imagine what the stronger stuff feels like.

Bob White, Tennessee
I’m In Love With Keoni!

If you’re even thinking about trying CBD just do yourself a favor and order some right now! I accidentally ordered the wrong item, so I called, and their friendly staff got it straightened out right away. I’ve been very happy with my results so far with my 3500mg tincture. Well worth the money!

Becky Smith, Oregon


1000mg oil ingredients

Lab Sheets

1000mg CBD Oil COA


Directions: Take 0.6 mL (approx. 24 drops) twice per day.

118 reviews for Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 5000mg

  1. Thomas E

    Keoni helped so much with my arthritis. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Tuan Dang

    I am very impressed on how well it helps. I can’t wait to try different range in these products

  3. Sally Root

    Excellent as always…

  4. Kristian M

    no complaint. work well for me

  5. Inu Shiba

    My order came quickly and has helped me sleep while enduring tremendous back pain

  6. Hovagem U

    Received it fast and it’s been a life changer for my old .

  7. Eghian G

    I love it, no pain & full nights sleep

  8. Patsia Y


  9. Harry Mac

    good as always……

  10. Boobie

    Product and service good

  11. Arno S

    CBD has helped with pain and stress. I will definitely order again.

  12. 1456872

    Good CBD oil. Have recommended it to several friends

  13. Nalbandian Ed

    Have tried other brands, always come back to Keoni

  14. Barnard R

    I purchased for my adult son who didn’t want to take medicine for back pain. When taken this oil, his pain was controlled.

  15. Emily T

    Consistent quality! Like it

  16. Shannon Truong

    I have been using your product for a long time now. Never disappointed with quality!

  17. Paulo M

    This company from start to finish ROCKS

  18. Kelly Tan

    I have been using this product regularly from Keoni for well over a year. It safely helps me through my days and helps me with sleeping through the night

  19. Juan Max

    Shipping is reliable, product is effective. Thanks!

  20. Judeau Mart

    Love your CBD! Works great to help me relax and get good quality sleep.

  21. Barsam C

    Expensive compared to others

  22. Ali B

    Great product as always

  23. Anan Cook

    I keep reordering because it’s a great product.

  24. Carrie San

    Service is outstanding. This is all I can say. Thank you.

  25. Monica H

    I have to say 5000mg is what I really need for my badly manic. On time to pull me up

  26. Harold R

    Great quality and effective.

  27. Billie Hong

    My husband has severe back pain. When he takes Keoni drops, he still has pain, but it is not acute.

  28. Shawn Jackson

    Very quick process of order. Product is superior

  29. Alisa 89

    Did some shopping around for two years now- Keoni works the best. Like it

  30. Irby V 133

    I can’t tell you how much i love Keoni!! best cbd on the market

  31. Berj Tutchan

    I’m a repeat customer, and I’m always satisfied.

  32. Rory Zhou Ma

    appreciate the excellent quality of your product!

  33. Moshe K

    I bought this to help me sleep, I suffer from insomnia, it seems to help half of the time.

  34. Matcha

    I have been using this product for over two years and helped me a lot with my fibromyalgia

  35. Marylin V

    This is the only product that helps me get any relief.

  36. Roland Walker

    Great product and service .will definitely be a repeat customer

  37. Margaret V

    I have tried a few CBD oil this one is the best I ever had Keoni cbd oil.

  38. Gayle T

    I have chronic headaches and this really helps me get a good nights sleep. So calming.

  39. Amy V

    I like the liquid! Best CBD Oil I have ever tried.

  40. Kuphal Mamba

    Absolutely amazing oil, highest quality too. I use 6 drops under my tongue twice a day. Works great on my Neuropathy pain. Highly recommend this amazing oil.

  41. Turcica M

    Worked very well, will order again ! Thank you

  42. Daniel Chatter

    I have ordered many bottles of cbd and will continue to do so

  43. Zohar A

    This is my absolutely go-to! I have a bottle by my bed. This CBD is the absolute BEST

  44. JD 2898

    I order last week but still not get receive my order

  45. Lenny Hut

    It is a good product and service is good also

  46. Jorge Mendy

    Really helps with falling and stays asleep

  47. Coats Quanze

    A wonderful product that helps pains and anxiety!

  48. Tom J

    High quality, and quick shipping

  49. Lilly O

    Came quickly & well packaged

  50. Douglas B

    I use cbd for anxiety and this product is helpful for me, also the logistics of ordering and delivery always go well

  51. Di Mariana

    works best for sleep than any brand that I had used. 1 drops for me

  52. Josh Whistle

    Great! I Buy the CBD to help my husband. I also told my friends and acquaintances about how wonderful and helpful your product is.

  53. Shanon Phan

    use this product to sleep and anxiety I would give it a 10/10

  54. Martial Park

    I tried another brand of a similar product and had negative side effects. This product is clean and effective

  55. Levi Puppy

    Great product. Works as advertised. I use it for better sleep with great success!

  56. Ceaser Dewarn

    Makes you feel relaxed and is a huge help for anxiety

  57. Wright M

    ‘ve been using for years and product is still excellent!!

  58. Wang Tianwei

    I love the product, I do forget to take it, and should have ordered another bottle.

  59. Samson B

    I noticed an increase in energy and general well-being since using it last week

  60. Cao Yu

    I started ordering from this website. It really help me in insomnia and stress

  61. Zouma Sik

    It’s good enough for a repeat. It delivers faster relief which improves my day immensely

  62. Jones Jones

    It makes me feel like a young man again.

  63. Gary Butler Nelll

    Helps sleep and aches and pains

  64. Randy Cobe

    definitely helps with pain. 5 Stars

  65. Martian Dam

    I’m thrilled by the quality of this CBD oil, I mainly used it to improve my sleep and it definitely work!

  66. Shin Han

    I was so glad when I found the Keoni CBD oil, it took the pain right away. I will be buying more and I have referred other family members to your site.

  67. Titto Salu

    This Keoni CBD Oil is great to treat the pain in my back. But high price is a point. 4 stars overall

  68. Valiant Gauthier

    I have now received my 2rd bottle of Keoni CBD oil, and it really helps with pain and to relax

  69. Tracy Vu

    Both your product and your customer service are great!

  70. Cris Brown

    I can always count of Keoni CBD to save my day!

  71. Butler99

    Very fast shipping and excellent product. I will be a returning customer

  72. Iris T

    not worth for that $

  73. Kawa Wechsler

    Helps with sleep and arthritis pain

  74. Martin Garcia

    Worth the bucket. Will re-order for next purchase. CBD helps me ease my paint and insomnia

  75. Christophe Mc

    Product is okay but does not taste good.

  76. John Terry

    This CBD oil works great! I am so thankful for it. My pain level has gone down enormously. Thank you Keoni

  77. Romeo Ceasear

    Five stars..always!

  78. Gates K

    Always professional and a great product

  79. amit raventos

    I am new to CBD use. I wanted to try it for my anxiety. I started with the capsules which worked well. Then I tried the oil and now I am hooked. Great product, works great. Instant calm without the high.

  80. R. Davis

    i have just reached the proper level to help me sleep. it seems to be helping but will experiment further

  81. Donald T

    Very good product and service.

  82. Johnny Lian

    Excellent result. Highly recommend this company!

  83. Lilian R

    Works good on my back pain!

  84. Robert Nicolas

    I suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Keoni CBD oil seems to give me a pain break for 20 to 30 minutes

  85. Oman R

    The best on the net

  86. Terry H. Ross

    Awesome product with great results!!!

  87. David Silva

    I’ve been taking Keoni CBD Drops every evening. I take some of it. I feel that it calms me down. I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep. It has truly worked wonders for me.

  88. Debra I

    I use this CBD Oil to sleep at night, it really works and I wake up feeling refreshed! It also works for my aches and pains

  89. Roberto F

    Good CBD oil

  90. Tony Luong

    Great product and customer service!

  91. Vincent Woodland

    Performs as needed for improved sleep with no noted side effects.

  92. Jingx Q

    I have been ordering from Keoni for quite awhile. Honestly, in every area, they are outstanding

  93. Steven Porterfield

    Excellent product, very reliable and always on time

  94. Fucy R

    I love that it is good quality for my bf and is a healthy way to help him with his sleep.

  95. Schwarz Ed

    Best product on the market.

  96. Haskell Fusata

    Sleeping deep-sleep, with greatly diminished pain in my joints and back.

  97. Xi Tung Phan

    ‘ve tried a lot of different companies CBD oil but this is definitely the best one.

  98. sadasqwwew2

    Great company and product. good for pain relief

  99. Talagirl912

    Very nice quality CBD oil. Will order again and want to try other products

  100. Diana Zang

    extremely effective and worth every cent!

  101. Dolores D

    I am a regular customer of Keoni CBD, I am very satisfied with their products and have repeat orders regularly

  102. Zhong Xin Tong

    Exactly what I was looking for

  103. Bradtke Tukka

    My wife loves this for relief from her back pain. Will keep it always in stock

  104. Emily W

    The best calming results I have seen from any CBD that I have tried. Expensive but worth it!

  105. Anthony Martial

    Great product and customer service! I am very grateful. Thank you

  106. Joseph Bruno

    100 point for product. Cheer !!!!

  107. Lucio R

    Great service and quick response !!!

  108. Moen Hammen

    Very satisfied with product. Great CBD

  109. Willis Z

    5000mg is a bomb. First time user is careful cause it a bit high. Get you into sleep quickly

  110. Simon Pham

    perfect reliable service and the best cbd on the market

  111. Otis Ru

    Great and very friendly

  112. Michael armasi

    I love the product – and I am impressed with your customer service – always very polite and professional and helpful

  113. Patricia

    very prompt service

  114. Quayman

    My anxiety has settle so much from use

  115. Celia Mohana

    great product but delayed shipping

  116. Crystal Park

    Prompt and professional service delivering an outstanding product

  117. Blue Whale

    Thought it might help me sleep at night but so far not working

  118. Anna Chau

    I suffer insomnia for a few months and need high dose of CBD to treat it. 5000 mg is a perfect dosage for me. Thanks Keoni

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