Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 2500mg

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Our 2500mg Oil Tincture is the hero of our lineup. It has enough power and then some to take on whatever comes your way. You can experience the titanic power of CBD without the complexities. By keeping our formula simple and ensuring our ingredients are top-notch, the result is a line of oils that are completely unmatched.

Nothing will outperform our oils or our value because we stick to the roots of relief. When we formulated our line of impressive CBD oil, we had our customers’ interests in mind. We knew some of our customers demanded the most out of their CBD, so for them, we offer our fastest-acting, most potent, and best value product possible- our 2500mg Oil Tincture.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and by starting with our most powerful product, you will not only discover our world-class customer service, but you will also experience the best results. It’s time for you to experience relief. It’s time for you to experience the Keoni difference.



The champion of our lineup. Our 2500mg CBD tincture packs the most power, starts working the fastest, and provides the most CBD-per-dollar of any other product. Let our 2500mg CBD tincture fight for you!

  • Our 2500mg CBD tincture packs the most potent formula we’ve ever offered. From relieving the ravaging effects of age, to combating the pain of an old injury, our hero CBD tincture has what it takes to get you relief.
  • Convenient tincture is perfect for sublingual application. Simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue and relax.
  • All ingredients are organically grown right here in the USA without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Every bit of our formula that enters your body is 100% natural which ensures no negative side effects. 
  • Our oils are rigorously lab tested by a 3rd party to ensure accuracy, potency, and integrity. We take pride in knowing our products are exactly what we say they are. This accuracy assures you’re getting unrivaled value.

Why You Should Use 2500mg CBD Oil

There are several benefits to using CBD oil. The first benefit is the potency. We have up to 2500mg of pure CBD per tincture. That potency means you can get serious relief when you need it, while also getting the most CBD for your dollar.

The next benefit is speed. By taking CBD sublingually, you’re allowing the CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through your oral tissue. This means you’re bypassing your digestive system, which ultimately leads to faster results.

By using CBD oil, you are getting the best value. By using Keoni, you’re getting the best… everything!

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimoninals for
Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 2500mg
This Stuff Works!!

I was skeptical about trying CBD, but a friend recommended that I try the 2500mg and holy cow! I noticed a big difference, immediately! This stuff works great!

Lynn Schneider, West Virginia
There’s Oil More Potent Than This??

I thought the 2500mg would not be as strong as I’d like but boy was I wrong! I tell you what, I took some to try and help me sleep and I was out like a candle. I can only imagine what the stronger stuff feels like.

Bob White, Tennessee
I’m In Love With Keoni!

If you’re even thinking about trying CBD just do yourself a favor and order some right now! I accidentally ordered the wrong item, so I called, and their friendly staff got it straightened out right away. I’ve been very happy with my results so far with my 2500mg tincture. Well worth the money!

Becky Smith, Oregon


1000mg oil ingredients

Lab Sheets

1000mg CBD Oil COA


Directions: Take 0.6 mL (approx. 24 drops) twice per day.

21 reviews for Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 2500mg

  1. Forest Dam

    I sleep like a baby when I take this. Takes a little to kick in but then night, night

  2. Sigrid Umi

    Wonderful consistent high quality product.

  3. Wilderman B

    I’m 62 years old and I have found that 10 drops a day takes away all my little body pains and definitely makes me sleep better

  4. Damaris Watson

    Love taking this every night before bed. It helps me unwind and easily fall asleep. Highly recommend

  5. Aston Dasopang

    It has so many benefits… Pain Relief Anxiety Relief Insomnia I love that it goes on sale so I can stock up…

  6. Yi Jing Lan

    Keoni does a great job fulfilling your order from intake to shipping to delivery. Thanks

  7. Jerry Irene

    Great. Always gives me a good nights sleep

  8. Norbert M.

    Thank you, Keoni, for helping me sleep so much better! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. Yolanda Lawrence

    I’ve been taking Keoni CBD Drops every evening. I take some of it. I feel that it calms me down. I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep. It has truly worked wonders for me.

  10. Bruce Doyle

    Love how pure this oil is and my joints feel so much better

  11. Fred Alston

    Excellent. Very good valve for money. I’m going order again

  12. Tony B. Murphy

    Works as advertised.. some pain relief but taken at night helps with sleep.

  13. Gordon Bartell

    I use CBD oil to help relieve pain from neuropathy. Love it

  14. Brent Patrick

    I am only giving 4 stars due to the high cost.

  15. William Anderson

    I had depression and sleeping problems for over 6 years, and in my country the weed is illegal. But I find my best supply Keoni CBD with quality products and safe shipping. Since there I feel better and relaxed and also sleep well

  16. Josh M

    Very potent in terms of CBD. Doesn’t get you high, but you can definitely feel the effects. Enhances my daily life. I take it for anxiety and it helps

  17. Nylah

    Good experience, liked the calming effect and helped ease some aches and pains.

  18. Austin Becker

    Good value cbd oil, seem to work from me. Highly recommend

  19. Joyce Dylan

    Have been buying this product for 3 months and am very satisfied. Better quality than most CBD products out there.

  20. Richard Thompson

    Very pleased with Keoni. I highly recommend them!

  21. Jenny Vu

    Excellent customer service, product is wonderful. Sleep better and just feel great using 10 drops a day

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