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Our delicious gummies are the cherry on top of your CBD regimen. Because they are beyond simple to use, they’re perfect for when you’re on the go. Our simplistic formula is designed to complement the benefits of our other products so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of your CBD.

No other edible matches our quality or our value. Packed with 500mg of CBD, our gummies have what it takes to give you the relief you need and are also an optimal way to increase relief between dosages. If you want simplicity, there is no better option.

Because of their simplicity, our gummies are a perfect way to start when it comes to CBD. Don’t let the simplicity throw you off. Even though they are beyond easy to use, they still have plenty of power to give you the results you want. If you’re wanting to try CBD, you’re making the right choice by choosing Keoni.


With great taste comes great responsibility. Keoni CBD’s tasty pure hemp CBD extract gummies pack a precise dose of 25 mg of CBD per gummy and 20 gummies total. Enjoy a newfound convenience of CBD with an exciting twist!

  • 500mg of pure CBD per container with precisely 20mg per gummy. With this type of potency and our proven high absorption rate, you will get the results you want with a taste you’ll crave!
  • Gummies are an effective way to get your daily dose of CBD, and are beyond simple to use. Just pop one in, and enjoy!
  • We’ve managed to make our gummies delicious without excessive sugar! With only 2.2g of carbs per gummy, you can enjoy this tasty snack without any guilt.
  • Our CBD gummies are great to use in between and on top of our other products. They aren’t overbearing and can help fill the gaps between doses to help complement your relief.

Why You Should Use Keoni 500mg CBD Gummies

When it comes to taking CBD, Keoni’s flavorful assortment of gummies takes the cake. Your daily dose can’t get any more simplistic than eating a tasty treat.

Our gummies don’t contain any THC — the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant — so there’s no risk of getting too high or failing a drug test.

Using natural flavors and pure hemp CBD extract, our gummies are an excellent option for people looking for a more exciting way to take their daily dose of CBD. Simply put, Keoni CBD gummy bears make dosing simple.

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimonials for
Keoni 500mg CBD Gummies
So Good, And Good For You!

I’ve always struggled taking doses of anything. My Keoni gummies are the only daily dose I look forward to! It’s nice knowing that these gummies have been tested by a lab, because I never would have guessed they’re good for me because they taste so good!

Beth Turner, Florida
Perfect If You’re On The Go

I love my CBD, but when I’m on the go I rely on my gummies! No mess, no fuss. Just pop them in and go. They’re a great way to get that little extra in case I don’t dose enough in the morning. Plus they’re delicious!

Max Ferrell, New York
Finally, I Can Agree With My Wife!

My wife keeps making me take cbd because she thinks it’s good for my health. I can tell you, that I’ve noticed a difference with my back. I hate taking pills so these gummies are a nice treat. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and it makes my wife happy that I’m taking CBD.

George Martin, Nebraska

Lab Sheets



Suggested Use: Adults take one (1) gummy daily preferably with a meal or as recommended by a physician.


Temporary flushing, itching, rash or gastric disturbance may occur. If these symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult a physician. Manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts, eggs, soy and dairy.

120 reviews for Keoni CBD Gummies 500mg

  1. Rock H

    My husband likes them. I’m cutting carbs so I’m not consuming them.

  2. Herrera

    so far so good

  3. Paulo R

    higher price than other company but the result is actually worth

  4. David

    Product has good flavor.. shipping was quick

  5. Blair A

    So satisfied with the result

  6. Michael

    Happy with product

  7. 24561213468

    not work as advertise

  8. Alfonso Ve

    These products should be tried by everyone!

  9. Nikzad

    I now have 90% less joint pain in my hands and I sleep like a baby.

  10. Miguel C

    they’re some of the best CBD gummies that I’ve tried so far, and I’ve tried quite a few.

  11. Malik A

    they help me throughout the day not to worry about every single decision I make and how it will turn out.

  12. Jose R

    I bought them because I get test anxiety and this product has allowed me to remain calm.

  13. Mazhar V

    I take them just before bed and sleep better than ever!!

  14. Johnson B

    These gummies are what I truly need

  15. Samson N


  16. Alejandro P

    They are the best CBD Gummy out there.

  17. Marinho

    Good price, fast shipping, good tasting

  18. Moura D

    Great service Great product! Thanks!

  19. Ekko V

    I really, really loved these. I always am cycling through different snacks and products, where these have ranked towards the top of the list.

  20. Mesut Tasci

    I have tasted other CBD gummies before and this one by far taste the best

  21. Arnold H

    This is an absolute steal! Buying another pack before it sells out.

  22. Selena Ferra

    I recently started delving into CBD and was looking for a ‘beginner’ pack (I know, it sounds silly) but this honestly was my best option

  23. Matthew

    A top-tier product from an stunner company. No matter how much CBD you’ve taken, you can’t escape the quality of this stuff for the price

  24. Ivo S

    Work however I don’t care for the taste

  25. Brand MAtt

    Probably one of my favorite overall gummies. Oh, and with it having CBD in it? The only thing I wish is that I could eat more!

  26. Castellano

    My husband got a good night sleep for the first time in a long time. This is good stuff!!

  27. Dom K

    Everything about these was perfect! Will definitely be buying again soon

  28. Emili

    Helping me get restful sleep. Complaint on the price

  29. Ingrid Vo

    Amazing stuff from an already phenominal company. Although I haven’t been on the cbd train very long, I think this is the first variety pack I’ve seen and for such a good deal too.

  30. Sal Le

    Usually not a big fan of treats, but for the price, I couldn’t turn these down. Best part is they didn’t disappoint!

  31. Yonal U

    Excellent product but taste is not my type

  32. Moliner G

    Enjoyed my experience with Keoni online shopping/purchase/deliver

  33. Angelo H

    works great no pain after 2 weeks

  34. De Andre

    I have to remind myself not to eat too many, I also can’t help with how delicious they’ve been! Good CBD too!

  35. Nalci H

    Great product, most reasonably priced but still so pricey

  36. Ricardo N

    They taste great. Not covered with sugar so they’re not to sweet.

  37. Katie M

    For the cbd, this is a great price and a pretty good edible.

  38. KeoniTrinity Dang

    Amazing treat! I started taking cbd a few years ago and although I started on topicals, I’ve since switched over to edibles

  39. Ian S

    Wow, what a great product form an awesome company! With so many cbd brands out there faking the funk, this value pack is the real deal.

  40. Miranda Lu

    The CBD Gummy are exactly as on the website. They also arrived very quickly.

  41. Casse Park

    I’ve been taking CBD for a few years now and I can’t believe I didn’t come across Keoni sooner. Really good treatment I needed

  42. Olsan R

    Very pleased with purchase. Pleasant tasting.

  43. Glynnis Watson

    There’s nothing more relaxing than one of these after work as the quality and consistency is definitely shining through.

  44. Nicholas Sellas

    These were pretty good. Good for the price but I might only get one next time or something.

  45. Martin K

    I have not had a racing brain that is keeping me away and unable to fall asleep since I got these this week!

  46. Bernie Susan

    Perfect for anyone who’s been in the game for a minute or is just beginning. Wish they have more flovours

  47. Gómez S

    Prompt delivery for a great product

  48. Cordia L


  49. Luca K

    These really help my anxiety. I’m more relaxed and productive.

  50. Majat4

    These gummies are incredible! They promote such a calm feeling and have taken my anxiety away

  51. Juan Tutti

    we settled on two gummies about one hour before bed. Works great!!

  52. Gomis T

    Good taste and CBD goodness. Fast shipping as always. Thanks!

  53. Langston Patrick

    Can’t wait to see what other flavours they might be dropping soon!

  54. Nick Jonas

    These are my favorite before I go for a run. Probably one of the better CBD companies on the market, especially for the value.

  55. Rafael S

    These work great. There’s a bitter aftertaste though but it doesn’t linger for long

  56. Murad V

    I have tried many different kinds of CBD gummies and these are by far the best!

  57. Rupert James

    Wow, what an amazing treat! Release all stress and anxiety after 30 min

  58. Cézar A

    I get better sleep! Thanks Keoni

  59. Julian A

    The flavor isn’t great, but with how much they have helped me the flavor doesn’t even matter

  60. Harusima Ke

    I really, really liked these gummies. CBD is pretty good too! Love it

  61. Ned Retro

    Lol. Needless to say by my 5 stars, it was perfect!

  62. Rayan Chan

    I love them!

  63. Jarvan IV

    Great selection of products and love it

  64. Kirk T

    My new favorite CBD company! My husband started getting into tinctures and was raving about it so I figured I’d have to give a ‘starter’ pack a shot and found these

  65. Brendwood2

    Absolutely brilliant! As someone who’s been using cbd for a couple of years now (legal state) it’s great seeing more products like this hit the market.

  66. Nai Lon

    This was the bomb! Although I love taking cbd, I hate having to go out of my way to buy it. Keoni always bring it to me on time

  67. Castro V

    Ordering was easy, delivery came quick! The gummies seem to take the edge off my husband at night time

  68. Jiménez S

    great product!!!

  69. Tony Stark

    Very pleased with all the purchases that we have made from Keoni. Gummies are delicious. Need more flavours

  70. Cesar B

    They work really well. Will order again

  71. Jason Ryan

    Great stuff that helped me rest and recover

  72. Oswaldo U

    i got them for a neighbor as a gift and she loves them and plans on getting some when she runs out of what i got her

  73. Kelsey 66

    The perfect CBD gummy for me. I started taking gummies before work and this jar has been the latest favorite

  74. Powell Peter

    After the first day, knee and hip pain was gone. I’ve tried other CBD gummies that did nothing. Reading the label these contained a ton of sugar which adds to the inflammation. With CBD with Turmeric and Spirulina I feel like I am getting the relief expected from a CBD gummy.

  75. Rolando

    Great, quality product. Keoni has never disappointed.

  76. Andrew Abbott

    This seems like a good product, I chew 1 and that makes a difference to me . The gummie to me is that good

  77. Skyler Omi

    Love it won’t buy any other brands

  78. Axel R

    Soft enough to chew easily

  79. Brampton Pick

    Perfect value. Perfect taste. Perfect CBD

  80. Sean Carpenter

    Good taste and good results in such a short time

  81. Hassano 159

    If you’re looking for a good value, then Keoni is a destination.

  82. Vélez U

    not absolutely relieve the pain. 60% treat

  83. Arne H

    Great taste, very relaxing.

  84. Rosa

    They work great

  85. Frank G

    I first started using their drops but when I saw this pack, I had to grab some. Can’t wait to try the other flavors they come out with

  86. Roger Medina

    Great gummies for beginners. What else can I ask more ?

  87. Myles Iraken

    Sharing a similar sentiment to others, I really have loved this CBD.

  88. Kristen Ru

    So happy these have came into my life! There’s nothing better than snacking on these before work to help me chill.

  89. Jose H

    Ordering was easy and I received it in a timely manner.

  90. Luke Sharma

    Always arrives on time and never fails to help me

  91. Artigas

    Convinced my wife to try it after moths of having sleepless nights. It worked!

  92. Yeo Yamcha

    sleep gummy just relax me

  93. Ronald Hicks

    Been taking them for about 2 weeks and they seem to help effectively

  94. Reginald Shyna

    A better quality CBD edible than a lot of the gummies I’ve had

  95. Fidel Carma

    These where so great. helps me sleep.

  96. Frankan Stein

    Amazing quality, texture, and taste!

  97. Steven Daniels

    These gummies are amazing! They have helped tremendously with my anxiety. The flavor for me is a little hard to get used to, but they really work!

  98. Fortunato

    Fast shipping and a great tasting gummy for me

  99. Agnus Trinh

    These were great! Really hoped they’d continue making everything vegan but can’t deny the value in these

  100. 123456

    My partner bought this CBD packs recently and we haven’t been able to stop munching

  101. Tristan L

    Very simple to dose these CBD gummies. One of the better tasting one’s I’ve tried. Very high quality CBD gummies

  102. Manuel A

    I like the quality of ingredients

  103. Kenneth Pearson

    Like the product. Only been using for 3 days. The taste is awesome and yummy

  104. Jackson Hernandez

    My husband and I really like them. They worked for sleeping that we both have problems with

  105. Nitzan Baeck

    Good so far, I believe the Keoni gummy are helping with my sleep issues

  106. Janna Yamasu

    It is effective and does it’s job but maybe I’m just too deep

  107. Jayden D

    Great products will buy again

  108. Warren K

    Love your prices & products. They taste great. I turn around and bought a bottle of your sleep gummies

  109. Kurt

    It’s a good product but I wish it was a little cheaper 😐

  110. Jacob G

    Good start with 500mg. Help me get through sleep problem I had almost a month.

  111. Kitty 9999

    Already recommending to my friends! Don’t know if they introduce new flavours

  112. Ruben Chavez

    I have been taking the gummies for about going three weeks now. I have notice a drop in my blood sugar and less pain in my knee I am taking 1000 full spectrum.

  113. Bruno J

    these are great the help me sleep so much better

  114. Haley 11

    Use cbd in the morning and taking these after the gym gives us the perfect boost we need!

  115. Liz 2898

    Among many brands of CBD, Keoni is what I like the most

  116. Jennifer

    I only tried them 3 times and all 3 times something went right to my head and I felt high all freakin day. If there’s no thc in them, and what seems to be tons of sugar, am I experiencing a “sugar high?” What I did notice is the taste of cigarettes totally sucked while experiencing this but I can’t eat these things if I have to be in public.

  117. Glenn Jesus

    These are perfect for dosage to get a deep sleep

  118. Miguel Batanero

    I bought this for my dad and he said that it also helped with his back.

  119. Liberio J

    It works, no after taste

  120. Kevin 5555

    Great couldn’t live without them. Always takes the pain aware. Can’t live without them

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