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Our delicious gummies are the cherry on top of your CBD regimen. Because they are beyond simple to use, they’re perfect for when you’re on the go. Our simplistic formula is designed to complement the benefits of our other products so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of your CBD.

No other edible matches our quality or our value. Packed with 1000mg of CBD, our gummies have what it takes to give you the relief you need and are also an optimal way to increase relief between dosages. If you want simplicity, there is no better option.

Because of their simplicity, our gummies are a perfect way to start when it comes to CBD. Don’t let the simplicity throw you off. Even though they are beyond easy to use, they still have plenty of power to give you the results you want. If you’re wanting to try CBD, you’re making the right choice by choosing Keoni.


With great taste comes great responsibility. Keoni’s tasty pure hemp CBD extract gummies pack a precise dose of 25 mg of CBD per gummy and 40 gummies total. Enjoy a newfound convenience of CBD with an exciting twist!

  • 1000mg of pure CBD per container with precisely 25mg per gummy. With this type of potency and our proven high absorption rate, you will get the results you want with a taste you’ll crave!
  • Gummies are an effective way to get your daily dose of CBD, and are beyond simple to use. Just pop one in, and enjoy!
  • We’ve managed to make our gummies delicious without excessive sugar! With only 2.2g of carbs per gummy, you can enjoy this tasty snack without any guilt.
  • Our gummies are great to use in between and on top of our other products. They aren’t overbearing and can help fill the gaps between doses to help complement your relief.

Why You Should Use Keoni 1000mg CBD Gummies

When it comes to taking CBD, Keoni’s flavorful assortment of gummies takes the cake. Your daily dose can’t get any more simplistic than eating a tasty treat.

Our gummies don’t contain any THC — the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant — so there’s no risk of getting too high or failing a drug test.

Using natural flavors and pure hemp CBD extract, our gummies are an excellent option for people looking for a more exciting way to take their daily dose of CBD. Simply put, Keoni gummies make dosing simple.

American Farmed Hemp

3rd Party Lab Tested For Accuracy

Pure Transparency

Strictly Natural Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free

Formulated For Safety
Testimonials for
Keoni 1000mg CBD Gummies
So Good, And Good For You!

I’ve always struggled taking doses of anything. My Keoni gummies are the only daily dose I look forward to! It’s nice knowing that these gummies have been tested by a lab, because I never would have guessed they’re good for me because they taste so good!

Beth Turner, Florida
Perfect If You’re On The Go

I love my CBD, but when I’m on the go I rely on my gummies! No mess, no fuss. Just pop them in and go. They’re a great way to get that little extra in case I don’t dose enough in the morning. Plus they’re delicious!

Max Ferrell, New York
Finally, I Can Agree With My Wife!

My wife keeps making me take cbd because she thinks it’s good for my health. I can tell you, that I’ve noticed a difference with my back. I hate taking pills so these gummies are a nice treat. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and it makes my wife happy that I’m taking CBD.

George Martin, Nebraska

Lab Sheets



Suggested Use: Adults take one (1) gummy daily preferably with a meal or as recommended by a physician.


Temporary flushing, itching, rash or gastric disturbance may occur. If these symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult a physician. Manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts, eggs, soy and dairy.

116 reviews for KEONI CBD GUMMIES 1000MG

  1. Uchiha T

    It helps me relax when I take 1. Slowly fall to sleep. Love it

  2. Ricardo T

    I began taking CBD for better sleep. I have restless leg syndrome and these help calm me so that I can get a decent amount of hours of sleep every night.

  3. Chris Pham

    They seem to work better than the oil, so will make a final choice after i have used up these my jar

  4. Sheeran A

    Fast delivery and tasty gummies

  5. Salah R

    Seemed to be pretty good

  6. ammie888

    Just started them but so far great! switch from oil and the gummies are much more pleasant

  7. Hazard R

    Definitely help with stress and anxiety. Why not

  8. Jay Jay

    Received my order in a few days. So satisfied with their service

  9. Pepper D

    I ordered a jar and it taste great and my anxiety is almost nonexistent. Thanks 👍

  10. Dutchman

    Wow wow yum yummy

  11. Jayden E

    My wife sleep like a baby!

  12. Yumani 9

    Did as best as anyone can do to ship out order

  13. Emma Chan

    The flavour is not bad. Hope they give more flavours

  14. Larry F

    Too expensive!!!

  15. Derrick B

    This gummies are doing a effect for her arthritis problem keep up the great work 🙂

  16. Naruto

    I’d give this a try. Man, I’m damn glad I did!

  17. Zing Hon

    My dad loves these gummies

  18. Rick Owen

    Severe pain was literally gone a few hours after taking just one chewable. Incredible relief

  19. Joyce Co

    Pricy compared to other same CBD gummies

  20. James I N

    These CBD gummies are out of this world! Very ligit …

  21. Hoang Ngo

    Would probably consider buying again for the value.

  22. John A

    Works great. For leg pain and neuropathy in the hands. Thanks

  23. Eden H

    I am very happy with the relaxing effects of your product. I would recommend these gummies to anyone

  24. Caitlyn #

    CBD was quality, which is the most important part. Otherwise, it’s a decent value I guess.

  25. Mystery

    quick ship, don’t know hoe effective they are yet , just got them

  26. Nappan 11

    These were a pretty good buy. The only thing is I wish they used a little less sugar, but what they have in CBD was pretty strong

  27. Darius L

    Overall, this was a good value for the price. BUT wish they have more flavours

  28. Elian T

    This Keoni gummies has tremendously helped my arthritis pain

  29. Samantha Hunan

    Helping more than expected and not too bad a taste

  30. Christian Xin

    Great product so far

  31. Tim O

    Effective and delicious, I’ve found my one-stop-shop.

  32. Tutti O

    I absolutely love this product and am very happy to have learned about Keoni

  33. Kurtis V

    My friend recommend this gummies for me. She said it has helped her so much that she can finally sleep. So I order one and the result is what I can’t expect. So happy!!!

  34. Georgina K

    My husband has been big into cbd for awhile now so I figured I’d try it too. I have to say awesome. 5 Stars

  35. 123456

    My friend told me this is what I wanted if I wanted to get into cbd and boy was he right!

  36. Ahri 4

    Peaceful rest and ease of my muscles, great product

  37. Megan L

    Good product but bit pricy

  38. Fletcher F

    If you’re looking to get into cbd then this is a great place to start. Easy to take and work great

  39. Tyreek K

    Not only is it a great buy but also the quality is top-tier

  40. Danna T

    These work great and I use them at night to relax

  41. Ossan Ru

    I really didn’t like tinctures or smoking flower so I started taking edibles and these Keoni were the best out of the bunch, by far.

  42. Trang Tran

    Good value. Impressive stuff!

  43. Son Goku

    This has been one of the best value packs I’ve found on the market. Not only is it well worth it for the money but the quality of the cbd too

  44. Claire P

    Probably one of the only variety of packs I’ve seen like this in CBD. Impressive Stuff!

  45. Erika 56

    I was unsure what to expect but have been quite happy with the gummies. I’ll be ordering more

  46. Marilyn S

    Excellent customer service from order to shipping!

  47. Betty F

    I love the flavor of these and find that they really take the edge off when I take them 2x a day!

  48. Brandon A

    This is my new favorite cbd, hands down. I started taking Keoni’s stuff before bed. Work very well

  49. 132659547

    Works as expected, with mild and pleasant taste.

  50. Harold V

    My friend told me this was a great jar for getting into cbd, which has been mostly true.

  51. Brandon M

    👍🏼 5 stars for quality

  52. Vincent J

    Will ordering again ASAP before I run out.

  53. Briskish Y

    My favorite CBD company on the market, by far. I’ve been following Keoni for awhile and really like their product

  54. Joel Y

    A perfect treat for night time!!

  55. Paul Z

    The quality is definitely there with the flavors and they’ve got the texture and bite down pat.

  56. Le My Hong

    I like them – but still not too sure exactly what they are suppose to do for me – improve my pain level and/or improve my insomnia

  57. Anthony D

    Delicious and great texture.

  58. Sy Dickens

    We believe!!! My wife, daughter, and l, all feel so much better

  59. Ken

    The CBd gummy work great for me, and they give me a little boost so great for daytime…

  60. Meredit G

    This was the perfect introduction to CBD. As someone who has never really taken edibles yet

  61. Rous P

    My daughter recommended your company and I am glad she did. Exactly as I hoped and received my purchase fast !

  62. Roger Crawford

    love love love!! my whole family enjoys these gummies from my brother to my grandma 🙂

  63. Dylan Watson

    A Keoni gummy gives me just enough to feel relax and calm.

  64. Rica Ota

    I was honestly skeptical because I’ve never felt a huge effect with CBD before. But gave it a try and never regret!!!

  65. Jeremie K

    Love them. Use Keoni every night

  66. Calum Rea

    Work great. Will buy again

  67. Teemo

    great great great!!!

  68. Candice K

    As someone who’s been taking cbd gummies for a bit, this is one of the first legit value packs I’ve seen

  69. Jonathan R

    My boyfriend bought this value jar recently for us to share and I’ve liked it so far. The cbd is good and the candy isn’t bad

  70. Anush T

    Definitely does what it’s supposed to, which I’m very, very pleased about. Thanks Keoni

  71. Scobby Doo

    As someone who lives in the sticks, getting quality cbd without driving a lot is kinda hard and I don’t trust a lot of stuff online but after seeing the reviews behind this one, I felt comfortable.

  72. Run

    Bit pricy for cbd gummies but quality is a bomb

  73. Gerald Foster

    I’m quite impressed. Last night I woke up with a terrible headache and took two gummies. Within a few minutes I was back to sleep and I woke up this morning pain free.

  74. Bobby Charton

    I was able to make these last for quite a bit, which helps me the headache of going to the headshop

  75. Maya E

    I struggle with insomnia and I’ve used CBD oil in the past with minimal results. So I tried these CBD gummies. I’m so happy with it

  76. Wilderman

    I usually use oil and capsule for CBD. This Keoni is my first CBD gummies try. Worth penny

  77. Jayden N

    I honestly wish I could have these over trolllies any day. Lol

  78. David George

    Love everything about Keoni Gummies. I took it every night to get easy sleep. My husband also love it

  79. Johnny Kennedy

    These are easy to take! I hope they are effective for what I purchased them for! Fast delivery and holiday sale, I stocked up

  80. Markham

    Take one at day and one night that really helps sleep

  81. Leo R

    Great 👍

  82. Johnny Payne

    The flavor is mellow and they are great for wellness.

  83. Kayla B

    Great to calm body and give me a perfect relax

  84. Jonas R

    They work

  85. Max Kunde

    first experience with CBD. This work great for me. Great night sleep

  86. Nicole U

    This was the best cbd pack I’ve been able to find. Will buy again

  87. Janice 88

    These gummies were the best tasting gummies I’ve ever had…even outside of CBD

  88. Harry Gardner

    I restock these monthly! Love the tastes and smell and that they are wonderfull!😍

  89. Lauren I

    Helps with muscle pain after long day working

  90. Dan Reilly

    I don’t always have to use them but when I do they put me right to slepp in less than a half hour!

  91. Ethan Andrews

    This is my second time ordering these gummies. They work great for my anxiety and have seemed to help the arthritis in my hands.

  92. Tanadi

    Good product. Customer service is very nice

  93. Watson E

    best gummies ever

  94. Clifton L

    take one in the morning before work and really works for me thru the day

  95. Léane Poulain

    Referring this gummies to several family and friends!! Rated 100

  96. Randy U

    A great CBD product from an already amazing company. Not only is the pack a smart buy but they really put a lot of love into their products.

  97. Rachel T

    Keoni CBD gummies are my go-to product. I really enjoy the taste and I feel great after taking them. I highly recommend for any CBD users

  98. Nathan L

    A little affect on me. Will continue to take them for awhile to see if I do get some pain relief due to the improvement in my sleep.

  99. Liza M

    This was such a joy to find. I’ve been looking for a cbd solution after a friend said they used it for aches and pains and boy is this the one for me!

  100. Davie T

    Very happy with all your shipments so far

  101. Breana 7521

    These gummies allow me to get restful sleep and keep me calm in my high stress work environment. Thanks Keoni

  102. Gege Champlin

    I was looking for a gummies that would help with anxiety and stress. These have done fantastic at that!

  103. JM

    Oh man, these were the perfect thing I needed!

  104. Buddy Tham

    Really enjoy the gummies. Release all stress and anxiety through the day

  105. Kaisa V

    Already recommended to a few of my friends

  106. Fabio C

    Work perfectly

  107. Edison Can

    I’ve been taking cbd for a couple of months now and these have crept up as my favorite edible.

  108. Earl V

    In all the shops and websites I’ve been to nothing comes close to this for value it’s just too good.

  109. Sophia Rena

    Pretty good for all things considering. I think the dosage is fair and the candies pretty good.

  110. Matcha

    Definitely worth the value for what you get at 1000mg per package. I wish they let you pick and choose different flavors

  111. Michael Ngo

    Great stuff from an even better company. Cheers!

  112. Black Cat

    nor work as description

  113. Karen G

    Great gummies and fast shipping. You know I will be back.

  114. Gary H

    I take only one or two per day and haven’t had any pain in the last six weeks. Stuff is beyond amazing

  115. Mark A

    I have been taking the gummies for about 5 weeks and not see much improvement in my back pain. I will say they have improved my sleep extremely!

  116. Peggy T

    Very happy I found and tried this product. Thanks Keoni. Pain free

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